Umbral Rift

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Located near the Umbral Shipyards orbiting Schatten IV (in the Schatten Star System) it was created when Tal Ravis detonated the ALR-X Missile in the vicinity of the Umbral Shipyards, the resulting explosion tore a hole in subspace and opened up this rift as well as took out half of the Umbral Shipyards at the time. Further, the rift began to grow as it sucked in the spacial anomalies elsewhere in the system, which increased its gravitational pull on nearby objects. The rift itself is a collision between several antagonistic layers of subspace and began to throw off increasingly high amounts of intense subspace radiation and other forms of exotic energy.

The rift is now being managed from Umbral Station, which controls the containment satellites.


Solas Tempus has configured several modified Phaser Defense Satellites, which have been altered to project a tacyon-lygon particle field at the rift. The satellites work together and the field is modulated in overlapping pulses which contain the intense radiation and exotic particles.


Experimental results indicate that closing the rift could cause a massive explosion which would possibly destroy Schatten IV when the rift finally closed. Thus, it was decided to leave the Rift open and work to instead contain it.


While the rift is still being studied, experiments have shown that the rift could be used as a remote power source but also may be able to be used similar to the Pandoric Rift, in sending and receiving signals and/or matter streams through time. Experiments to do this are ongoing.