USS Pegasus (NCC-97125)

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USS Pegasus (NCC-97125)
Class: Intrepid Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: LT. Commander Megan Shepard
Executive Officer: LT. Commd Denver Tierny (Human, Male)
Operations Officer: Ensign Angela Morris (Human, Female)
Science Officer: Ensign Junior Grade Straatt (Vulcan Male)
Security Chief: Lieutenant Andrzej Brzęczak (human male)
Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Junior Grade Gisselle Preeti (Human Female)
Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Tysahl Ch'thalit (Andorian)
Pilot: Ensign Chirkash Ruslanovich (Human male)
XIA: Protector Narin
Quote: “The way get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney
Aerowing Shuttle: Solar Star

USS Pegasus is Intrepid Class Starship that was build in Utopia Planitia Fleet Yard for starfleet forces near romulan border

Early Service

Pegasus was assigned to area near Romulan border. After few months of service it was moved to one of Starbases as part of it defence after recont attack. few months later after reciving distress signal ship was lured into trap of pirates who attempted to raid vessel but failed. Pegasus after taking prisoners of pirate vessels and delivering them to starbase went through maitenance. At some point when it went to help in defence or observatory station it suffered heavy damage and was forced to eject warp core, however ship was partially repaired before being put away for few months then returned to active duty on science missions.

Acquiring by Solas Tempus

After being in drydock for few months after incident with gravimetric forces, ship still unrepaired was acquired by solas tempus. After compleating repairs and retrofit in accordance to Solas Tempus Refit Guidelines it was placed in reserve awaiting new command, getting finnaly assigned under Megan Shepard and her refilled crew after USS Protector destruction. Protectors XIA unit was moved as well.

Emergency Medical Holographic Program

Pegasus is equiped with EMH mark 1, that in case of emergency is able to assist CMO or even take over his duties for short ammount of time. As sophisticated program it's possesing extensice knowledge about difrent races to allow him to give them proper medical care. it also posses ability to aquire knowledge about unknown races using medical instrument.

Non Standard Modifications

  • Enchaced sensor array