USS Lilith (NCC-27199-C)

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USS Lilith (NCC-27199-C)
Class: Intrepid Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Captain Neo Akazuli
Executive Officer: Commander Jared Asker
Operations Officer: Lt. Commander Alanna Tyler
Quote: "Duty is heavy as a mountain, death is light as a feather." - Robert Jordan, Wheel of Time
Aerowing Shuttle: Pollux

This vessel has been upgraded to the standards for the Solas Tempus Refit Guidelines, and came into existence in a strange way. Currently it serves as the primary vessel of Temporal Operations based out of the Nimbus Station.

Security Forces

This vessel is assigned with the Ramiel Platoon of the 1st Archangel Company of the 4th Taurus Regiment, it consists of 4 squads (40 people) of TACCOM personnel. She is also assigned with the Azazel Platoon of the 1st Watchers Company of the 7th Schatten Regiment for another 4 squads of STS personnel.

Service History

The vessel was kept largely a secret even form higher echelons of the Federation. Section 31 had commissioned its construction to run time experiments in violation of the Temporal Reconciliations. It was hoped that the vessel would eventually allow Starfleet to be out of the so-called "strangle hold" put on it by participation in the treaties making up the reconciliations. Section 31 and the original members of Solas Tempus have a very bad history together.

Admiral Lance Thomas himself was the one who heard of the vessels construction and when it was ready to be deployed, Fleet Admiral Candy Poole went to Starfleet HQ at Earth to present the evidence. Full scans of the working vessel including its stated purpose and mission orders that were pending. Once this was verified, Starfleet agreed to donate the vessel to Solas Tempus for their use, in accordance with the reconciliations. Such a move would not have been possible except for the fact that earlier, Starfleet Intelligence had been caught attempting to steal the plans for the Dimensional Fold Drive from Solas Tempus.

Due to his various duties as the Head of Security of Nimbus Station, Mike-037 was removed of his position as the XO of the vessel by official order of the Lilith's Commanding Officer. The former Operations Officer, Lt. Commander Jared Asker took his position. This post was then filled by a female operative by the name of Alanna Tyler.

Aerowing Shuttle

The Aerowing Shuttle is called the Pollux and in addition to the normal upgrades from the Refit Guidelines it also is equipped with an experimental Gravitational Displacement Drive. The drive is intended to only be used in an emergency.

Fighter Craft

Rather than the standard compliment of support vessels, other than the Aerowing Shuttle, she has been outfit with the Assault Squadron Theta 3.

Bridge Module