USS Drakon (NCC-1792-C)

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USS Drakon (NCC-1792-C)
Class: Constitution Class Starship
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Captain Drem Confoscho
Executive Officer: Commander Emily Damion
Operations Officer: Lt. Commander Vincent Welsh
XIA: Drakon Sunilda
Quote: "I will search the world to my heart’s content to figure out who I am." - Aladdin from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

She was originally decommissioned back in the 23rd century and eventually acquired by Excalibur Inc, who then passed it along to Solas Tempus for use in the Schatten Star System after extensive systems upgrades to meet with Solas Tempus Refit Guidelines for a temporal investigations vessel. Captain Confoscho was assigned the vessel directly by Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas in 2381 for use in both temporal and paranormal (Obscura) investigations.

Auxiliary Vessels

Security Forces

The ship has a number of security and tactical personnel assigned to it, a total of around 380 people, composing most of the officers and crew among the assigned forces.

  • 2nd Aion Company from the 1st Exodus Regiment (TEMPCOM)
Approximately 160 people
  • 2nd Crimson Company from the 1st Neptune Regiment (TACCOM)
Approximately 160 people
  • 1st Callisto Platoon from the 1st Io Company of the 1st Jupiter Regiment (STS)
Approximately 40 people