Trevor Arnell

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Trevor Arnell
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Race: Human
Age: 34
Date of Birth: October 2nd, 1982
Place of Birth: Redding, California
Eye Color: Light Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Occupation: Private Investigator
Rank / Skill Level: Experienced
Category: 3
Status: Approved
Setting: Angelic Sins

He typically wears a brilliantly white zoot suit, black tie, and black fedora with a white band across the middle. Over it all he wears a white trench coat that goes down to just below his knees. He usually carries a cream-white messenger, he found it in a hell-scape with him, containing what he thinks he'll need along the way - and is vastly bigger on the inside, though he has no idea why, it just is.


Trevor was once a fairly happy and well adjusted person. Until his abilities surfaced, it took almost 10 years during his teens and into his early 20's to come to terms with this and learn to use them in a way that wouldn't hurt others. This gives him an appreciation for hard work and an ample patience and a rather zen outlook on the future. He has never been able to quiet the guilt from having left a loved one behind in a horrible, desperate place. He knows academically that he couldn't save her, she had to save herself. This still hurts, however, and drives him to find others, find those whose loved ones have lost hope. Perhaps, someday, he'll save someone like her.

This darker side has been a problem with making friends. Though in the last year or so he's managed to come back out of his shell a bit and start living life again. When it comes down to it, he'll hide his pain, hide his darkness, and try to give others the light that they need to see. This isolates him, but also attracts people to him who either do the same thing or who need someone like that in their lives. It is a burden he accepts.


Trevor spent most of his life doing good deeds for people, though he always had the worst luck even when he thought he had planned things out. It is very true that he seemed to have sailed under a bad star or have some kind of charm of bad luck. Even if he had done everything he could, he hardly won the day for himself. He was taught to be kind and self-sacrificing by a woman named Janice, when he was a teenager she taught him to use his powers and many other things. She was a french woman living in America after a bad divorce in Paris left her in a place she needed something new. They were the dearest of friends and while once they were loved for a brief period in time, it became painful obvious to both that he needed more than that. Some years later she passed away, as she had always been old enough to be his mother even when he was young and thus it came as no shock when she died. She left him a great many things, telling him to find love and to not give up on the world. Her lasting legacy was what helped him regain hope when he needed it most. The knowledge that he was worthy of it.

Helping others only gets a person so far, eventually life and events got to him - loss after loss, all piling one upon the other. Eventually after weeks and weeks on a bender trying to make the pain go away, he finds himself in another world. Another realm, a realm of everything vile. He thought it must be hell, but he didn't care. He had drink, and stayed drunk. An unknown amount of time later - he met a girl, Kisa. She was new to this realm he had found himself in.

Trevor had given up a long, long time ago but she needed his help. Was he just too drunk to remember why he'd gotten drunk in the first place? Perhaps. After a good bit of time, his hope was returned - though hers was still lost - upon finding his way out, he vowed to bring her with him back to the real world. Finally, when they reached the end - she could not pass, being torn apart by her own lack of hope.

It took a few years before Trevor got over it. Finally putting the skilled he had learned over the years to use, starting a private investigators service that specializes in finding people.


  • Judo (Blackbelt)
  • Fencing (Expert)
  • Cooking
  • Climbing
  • Musical Instrument (Trumpet, Drums)
  • Performing (Ball Room, Contemporary, and Swing Dance)
  • Sketching / Drawing
  • Creative Writing
  • Forgery
  • Acting



Trevor prefers to ride his Harley Road King Classic. How he keeps the suit clean is anyones guess. Though, he does.


  • Polished Ironwood Cane
    • Antique, contains a small dueling sword.
  • Hip Flask
    • Usually with some form of fine whiskey or similar.
  • iPhone 6S
  • Trumpet
  • Messenger Bag

Images of Equipment and Clothes

Inside Messenger Bag

  • Several Moleskin Notebooks
  • Sketch Book
  • Assorted Pens & Pencils
  • 30mm Digital Pocket Camera
  • iPod Classic
  • Solar USB Charger
  • Headphones
  • Portable Speaker

Alternate Form (Wavelength)

Eyes as Wavelength

When Trevor builds his power enough he can transform his abilities and become Wavelength, his alter-ego. There are only a few physical changes which take place in this form, most of the changes are to his abilities and his attitudes. It is also important to note that this form is temporary, it cannot be maintained indefinitely and how long it can be maintained is directly related to the situation. He is able to maintain this form through force of will so long as it is needed in the immediacy. Once a particular crisis is over which precipitates his need of this form, he will transform back. Since this form is based on need of the situation, he cannot take this form without a proper need, he must feel he has no other option but to do so or he cannot build the force of will required to transform.

Initial Discovery

This form was only initially discovered during a time when Trevor and a woman, Kisa, were trapped in some kind of parallel dimension without hope. It was a dangerous and savage place to be, but taking the role of protector with Kisa gave him something to focus on. To return to the normal world, they had to discover hope and fight to leave in a place that seemed designed to destroy all hope. He lead Kisa with him through the streets and over time they fell deeply in love but he slowly became aware that soon she would give up.

So he lead her through the streets of this horrible place looking for a way out until he willfully chose that there would be one, truly. Once he believed there was an exit in his heart and had regained hope for the future he found the place yielded and showed him the way out. It did not, however, yield for Kisa who remained hopeless and depressed. His first time transforming into Wavelength was upon their attempt to exit. The place fought him, until finally in the vortex that formed to leave it would not let him bring her and indeed she could not even see the vortex. He became so angry and vengeful on the evils of the place that he transformed and was able to pull her through causing the very barriers of reality to scream at her escape.

In the end, the transition killed Kisa and he only had her dead and broken body in his arms when he arrived back in the real world. The crisis over he no longer had the strength to keep up the form and it left him holding her broken body in his arms and crying into it unwilling to let it go for hours upon hours. He wandered the streets of the city with her body held close to him, wrapped in his trench coat. While he will never lose hope again, he misses her dearly and always will. He credits her with his escape and feels that she sacrificed herself for him, while it didn't actually go down that way (and he knows it), it doesn't change how he feels.

When invoking this form, he says a prayer to her, asking her for strength. When the form leaves him, he always thanks her. He knows the form comes from within him, but he doesn't feel right using it without the person that, to him, granted him hope again when all was lost.

Personality Shift

In this form his personality as a defender of the weak intensifies, his moral code strengthens to almost an absurd degree and he see's himself as judge and jury. He takes on a harder edge fully believing himself to be the arbiter of right and wrong, even if it requires savagery. In this, he also takes on a general appreciation for the dramatic and an insistence of self-reliance, where as normally, as Trevor, he would welcome help and support from others - this form comes with his denial of such alliances unless they are tried and tested and he knows he can rely on them.

Physical Appearance

The only way to tell that he is in this form is that his eyes become electrified, his hands take on a burning glow to them, and over the rest of his skin other energy dances just on the surface though it has no specific description, it takes the form of whatever energy he is expelling most in that region of the body.


When in this form his abilities are amplified, his control over energy being expelled is increased by multiple orders of magnitude as is his ability to manipulate the flow of time and his energy armor is likely amplified.