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This report contains a collapsed report summary of the STV Stellar Horizon's first mission through the Janus Gate, which initially occurred on May 12th, 2385. Due to the non-linear function of time between dimensions, this report contains all information regarding the vessels 1st mission dubbed Stellar Horizon Mission 1.

Initial Surveillance Contact

On May 13th 2385 initial contact with signs of a technologically advanced civilization are received in the form of subspace signals whose trajectory follows back to the target system. Numerous signals are received and reported to command, who orders an analysis. The Captain orders the ship to reduce speed to impulse. The science officer analyses transmission and finds what is believed to be an voice transmission with a low probability of being directed at the Stellar Horizon itself.

The ship slows to half impulse in order to study the signals in more detail.

After subsequent study it is determined that the signals are not intended for long distance communication outside the solar system, their modulation and dispersal pattern indicate that they are likely intended for transmission between locations within the star system itself.

Upon further study the signals are determined to not be personal correspondence and very likely entertainment or informative in nature. There is ample data in the signals to account for voice and visual data at a minimum. Due to the low levels of encryption and encoding it is also determined that either the civilization has no extended knowledge of encryption encoding or the signals are not meant to be concealed or hidden.

Upon recommendation of the science officer the Stellar Horizon launches a COM relay probe (Class 6) and a surveillance probe (Class 5). The COM relay probe reaches its destination first and begins to relay information back, teams begin to decode the transmission over the next several days.

Communications Data

It is confirmed that the bulk of the data being transmitted is in fact entertainment of some kind. Most of the entertainment revolves around unscripted dramas, the cultural database shows significant similarities with 20th and 21st century shows known then as reality TV, though these are more in depth with round-the-clock audio-video and a complete lack of censorship of nudity and adult situations present, in fact those appear to be focused on specifically by many of the transmissions. However, the are anomalies within the transmissions which do not appear to be naturally occurring. And incredibly complex pattern of secondary signals are present within the data streams but they have yet to be decoded. It is noted that they are not audio or video but something else entirely.

Surveillance Information

The probe confirms previous readings; A single main sequence star, 12 planets, 2 habitable (planets 4 and 5), an asteroid belt between planets 2 and 3, and planets 6 through 12 are gas giants each having a large number of moons.

This shows a civilization which has sub-light space travel, there are no signs that the civilization uses warp, though they clearly know about the bending of space-time as they use subspace for communications and have transporter technology (although it is primitive), analysis shows that transporters are used to transit cargo but rarely people, though it is unclear why. They appear to be capable of doing either, most matter-streams are decidedly molecular or atomic resolution, which would unsafe for living things -- though they have the capacity for quantum resolution (needed for living beings) as the probe detects a small number of matter-streams which are quantum resolution.

Study reveals that they have a number of outposts, military, mining stations, and other industrial locations in the outer solar system. Inner solar system has not yet been actively scanned due to sensor buoys which the probe is staying out of their perceived operational range to stay undetected. From passive scans there is evidence of colonies and perhaps even space stations within the inner solar system. The primary planet itself has a high population density, is Class M, and tectonically stable. Though the atmosphere shows evidence of regions of high pollution it appears the civilization has the capability to filter their own air for certain areas, it is unclear how.