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The administrators and staff have often said the only rule is to not destroy the station (referring to the Blazing Umbra setting). This also applies to the other settings such as, don't destroy the town, don't destroy the city, etc.. It occurred to me that it might be useful for there to be a guide to the kinds of story lines and plots which are generally acceptable here.


First and foremost, in do not destroy an entire RP area with staff permissions. In Blazing Umbra, that means the planet, the star system, the station, etc.. Other settings would be don't destroy the city, the bar, the country, etc.. This should go without saying, but if mass destruction is going to be a possible outcome, consult the staff first.

As a general rule, if the area of play has its own channel, it should not be destroyed without consulting staff before hand.

Center of Revolution

At the heart of any plot there is a protagonist and an antagonist. There are two forces clashing together, story writers should make their best attempt to make sure the center of the story if the player characters participating rather than their own. The story's creator (moderator, GM, storyteller, etc..) should not make their own characters the protagonist focus of a plot line. Plot lines should be done for the benefit of the players participating (for the most part).

Personal Development Plots

There are some plots which are written to get a character from some point A to some other point B. These plots tend to focus on the moderators own character to accomplish a set goal, the players participating should be informed of this goal and the story as being for the development of the character played by the GM. This allows people to set expectations in a reasonable way and everyone is on the same page.

Avoiding Plot Disruption

There are a lot of powerful characters in play for most plots and given that this is a free form setting, one does not have the protection of the dice during a game. It can be beneficial to communicate to players if there are plot points for which you don't want a quick-fix scenario to come forth.

For Example:

[GM]  The shuttle has been hijacked and taken.  The passengers and crew are being kept in a warehouse in the city of New Brunswick.
[Player]  OK, we beam the passengers out and send down a photon torpedo to take care of the criminals.

As one can see, the player just removed the entire source of the plot from the game. Obviously this is not optimal. A better approach would be, when setting up the event communicating OOC that the passengers cannot be beamed or teleported away (or should not be), and then players can make sure to come up with reasons why assuming the GM doesn't have any.