Siv Quinn

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Siv Quinn
Siv Quinn
Played by: User:Cyclops
Height: 5'6"
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Date of Creation: July 3rd, 2381 (Body)
April 3rd, 2375 (AI)
Place of Creation: Blazing Umbra Station (Body)
Starbase Pandora (AI)
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Red
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: CO of the STV Galatine
Head of Temporal Operations
Rank / Skill Level: Admiral
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Siv's programming was created as an experiment by the HAL 9000 computer system as a possible way to allow Temporal Operatives to have better access to timely information that was more contextual while also reducing the load on the HAL systems and transmission lines to Starbase Pandora. The project was never intended to actually go live, and simply started as a simulation. However, unexpectedly the experimental consciousness became sentient on April 3rd, 2375 and there was no ethical way to destroy the program as it was now a living being. Once she became sentient, she chose a name; Siv (pronounced Sif) and the female gender identity of a human.


She has a very strong will and sense of purpose about her. She is entirely too stubborn for her own good and like a dog with a bone when she doesn't understand something or finds something that needs fixing or investigating. This has lead her to study a wide variety of topics and given her an insatiable desire to learn new things. Towards people she is friendly and outgoing but slow to trust, those who earn her trust are given a fierce loyalty that fits with her stubborn nature, she does not given people up easily even if they want her to.

Siv also has the infuriating ability to be right most of the time and a lack of ability in not telling people what they should do, especially if asked, in blunt terms.


The original project was created without a gender assigned, as it was not important to the data being gathered. However, once the project gained sentience and was declared to be a living being the AI was encouraged to explore such aspects and was given direct access to the Federation cultural databases. While the exact process of choices is not known the AI chose to adopt a human female appearance and cultural identity. It is not known if she already identified with a female cultural normality or if this was adopted after said choice.

Android Body

Siv's android body came years after her initial creation. A new arrival to the Blazing Umbra Station, Nine was asked to construct her a body by Admiral Lance Thomas, in secret. Most even in Solas Tempus were not aware that HAL had created an entirely new AI and Admiral Thomas wished to allow her freedom of movement and an added measure of security.

Within the body is installed a prototype personal shield generator as well as an emergency transporter node which has the ability to beam her out of a situation to safety.


While Siv knows a great deal about a lot of topics she has focused on a few specific areas more than others.

  • Starship Operations
  • Navigation
  • Piloting (Space / Atmospheric)
  • Covert Operations
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Hand to Hand Combat

Despite her training in covert operations, she has never been able to be successful as a seductress or someone who uses sex to get what she wants. Her strengths are mostly in executing covert missions to enter and exit an area secretly for a specific goal (such as personal extraction). In her spare time she is an accomplished violinist player and quite enjoys games of chance, such as Poker, Black Jack, or Roulette but with a particular soft spot for dice games.