Peace of Ages

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The mythical peace treaty between the 10 Kingdoms which composed the major continent of Elder Soteria at the end of the last great war. The original documents are preserved at the Rose Palace where the Rose Council meets, at the center of the 10 Kingdoms.

End to War

It has been lost to time exactly what brought the 10 Kingdoms to the table to sign the peace. The war itself had lasted for over 100 years, many of the records of the war itself were lost over time but legend suggest that Ageless Ones came from the stars, appearing in pools of shimmering lights to the leaders of each of the 10 Kingdoms. The Ageless Ones are said to have admitted they had a part to play int he wars, that they should have overseen over the world of Elder Soteria better and spoke of many things, of history being corrupted, of failing to prevent it. They are who handed down the prophecy that war would break the world and erase all who live on it.

However, the leaders were brought together, the Ageless Ones set in place the Peace of Ages. The exact words of the peace are known only to the leaders of the 10 Kingdoms but the idea is that the world is stronger together than apart. That peace and knowledge shall prevail over fear, so long as the leaders set an example of tolerance, honesty, loyalty, and kindness.

When the peace was signed, so much had been destroyed already, the 10 Kingdoms were forced to work together or millions of people on all sides would die of starvation. The new peace was forged from this original act of mutual kindness.

Protection for All

The peace began without a need for force at first. However, strife soon began again. Old arguments cropped up as if newly flared, the knights of the 10 Kingdoms came together and formed the Souls Templar, their ways are kept secret but it is known that the treaty allows for the 10 Kingdoms to come together and form a group of warriors to protect the entirety of all the Kingdoms and keep the peace. The Knights of the Souls Templar are this force, forged out of the first days of the peace, to keep the peace when anger and hate threatened to tear it down entirely too soon.

The Knights preserve the soul of the peace. They counter corruption and move through the countryside ensuring peace is kept.

All for One

If any one of the kingdoms attacks one of the others, not only will the Knights come in force against it, but the other 9 Kingdoms will also come in force against the aggressor.