Out of Aces Detective Agency

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This is the detective / private investigators business owned and operated by Jason Talbard. The agency has multiple offices in different cities, usually maintaining a contract with a local investigator or small group of investigators in that city who run under the same name.

San Francisco Offices

In the San Francisco offices they have two main office employees and a number of part time investigators who pick up the slack when things get busy or when Jason has to leave town.

Bonnie Renard

A woman of mexican descent who runs the office itself. She answers phones, makes appointments, and sets Jason's schedule including keeping track of receipts and other billables. She has no super powers to speak of but is very friendly and is a skilled file clerk and secretary.

Johnny Bravo

A young man about 16 that Jason found on the street while working a case. He found a place for the kid to stay and helped the kid file for independence to stay out of the system. The kid goes to a nearby school and helps out part time around the office. His last name wasn't Bravo but the courts did not have record of either of the parents. Johnny is also infected with the wildcards virus and is a Joker, he has no powers but the mutation causes his skin to feel and smell like the skin of a zombie.

Chicago Offices

The Chicago office is run by a man named Trevor Arnell who specializes in investigating cases which the police have left off for one reason or another, being a sucker to be the hero and fight for hard luck cases. Trevor has a few investigators he'll use if he can't keep up with the load, but most days he doesn't need to. Given the city, they also have some security staff they contract with.

Angie Reid

Angie is a short woman of middle age, just starting to show her years with slight creases around the eyes and mouth. She's quite lovely but no one would really call her beautiful or stunning on most days. She's friendly, sweet, but will tell you to go fuck yourself in the sweetest and most friendly way possible if the situation calls for it.

Frederick Dun

He is a rather short fellow of stout build, but not absurdly so. He is the on-staff lawyer with an excellent feel for the local politics, contacts, and legal vibe of any particular region of the city. If someone needs to know or do something, he's usually got someone in mind who can help, for a modest fee. In most cases this is used in his capacity as a lawyer dealing with the justice system. Making sure the Trevor nor the company run afoul of the law.