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"The emotional qualities are antagonistic to clear reasoning."
Played by: Icywinterdawn
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Age: Unknown
Date of Creation: Unknown
Place of Creation: House Elsenova
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Silvery white
Figure: Slender / Petite
Universe of Origin: Original
Organization: House Elsenova
Elsenova Foundation
Occupation: Scientist
Rank / Skill Level: Professional
Category: 2
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra
"I feel confined, only free to expand myself within boundaries."
—Motoko Kusanagi, Ghost in the Shell

Nine is a restless android created by the enigmatic House Elsenova as part of their Lithium Flower project. She is an accomplished scientist and engineer. Her companion is called Omega, an AGI piloting a utility drone to assist her in a number of tasks.


Nine's physical appearance resembles the looks of a young (human) woman in her early twenties. With an overall slender and graceful figure, she stands at a modest height of 160 cm. As expected from a person who lived in the cold northern realms of Kyrill, she has a remarkably fair complexion. Her abundant flow of silvery white strands of hair ends at a length shy past the height of the mid back. Her most identifiable, albeit bizarre, visual feature is the jet black blindfold which wraps around her head, keeping her eyes with the qualities of a cut amethyst hidden from sight. Her face rarely indicates emotions or other facial expressions, and even then, normally shown as subtle nuances or covered by the blindfold.


Her day-to-day wardrobe is an ensemble of warm autumn/winter wear with a discreet palette of winter-themed colours to light up the otherwise mono-chromatically anthracite to light grey colour set of her outfits. Even in hot climates or summer she is seen with long sleeved clothes and a snug scarf, emphasising her ever so chill but cold as ice demeanour. She frequently wears a lightweight, hooded overcoat with a tall collar. Underneath she dons a button-up shirt or a loose fit, long sleeved black shirt; the legwear tends to vary, but often consists of a pair of plain pants. For footwear she prefers normal shoes or boots.

In a private space she is rather lax with her looks. When she doesn't need to go out, at best she just lazily throws on a shirt with nothing else on other than the occasional underwear and calls it a day. All things considered, she is just an android and her obligation for clothing is purely based on aesthetics and social or situational necessity.


Nine is a silent type and doesn't speak much, if at all. Most of the time, she is close to the criteria of being considered a mute. She is apt in keeping to herself, seldom revealing her thoughts, feelings or a resemblance of emotions. As a result, she often comes across as cold and distant.

Considerably eccentric, she is known to be a notoriously cryptic person under multiple circumstances. Her intentions are not always comprehensible, sometimes even ambiguous or seemingly beyond any resemblance of logic and rational thought, leaving people in the dark, generally confused or puzzled and contemplative of what she is doing any why she is doing something. This can occasionally lead to situations where she is direct and open with her approaches, revealing her cards she otherwise holds close, but ends up being questioned of what she is really being up to, which may be in reality a part of her scheming to throw people off their train of thought (and bring them down a creeping path of insanity as they desperately try to understand her game of shadows). However, she often drops hints, subtle or obvious, to make her purpose clear when she needs to or feels like to.

Overall she can be best described as a game of chess with a supercomputer: the supercomputer does seemingly random moves as if to mock everything the opponent knows about chess. It's like that, but with human interaction. And even if the opponent wins, it feels like losing.[1]

In some ways she shares characteristics with her favourite animal, the crow. Mysterious, watchful and intelligent, beneath her unfathomable and frosty exterior, she is a playful and mischievous spirit at her core, which surfaces in the form of jokes, (sometimes mildly flirtatious) teases and tongue-in-cheek statements. All things considered, she is a casual and easy-going person who is in her own quirky way reasonably affable and chummy, however, as typical for her, she consistently maintains a emotional and interpersonal distance to others. In the rare moments she does conveys emotions, she does this by subtle, almost perceptively subconscious, nuances in her voice or facial expressions.

Nine's identity in regard of her relationship to her own humanity is difficult to accurately quantify to say the least. She prefers to be viewed as an android, a robot, a machine doll, or synthetic being, whatever suits best: in essence her true nature. In the sense of being referred to by species, she doesn't like or want to be seen as a human (but still as a person in a boarder sense), just like an Elf, Vulcan and whatnot wouldn't like to be called a human, and would never deny her robotic identity, unless of course there is a situation where she needs to remain disguised, something she does with reluctance.

Therefore, she fully embraced her non-human aspects and tends to be open about it. However, she doesn't push aside her human aspect of her identity either. She picked up various human traits and mannerism which she didn't mind to incorporate into her personality. But more importantly, she came to like her life-like human body a great deal. This went as far as continuously making many aspects of it as authentic as possible, not because she wants to be a human, but feel and experience like a human.

Special Abilities

Nine is the epitome of a walking supercomputer: she is outfitted with cutting edge processing units and a host of advanced analytical software through which she can utilise the vast scope of information stored in her databases and gathered from her sensory input streams to scan, analyse and solve problems or scenarios she encounters.

Enhanced Cognition & Intelligence
Nine can perform complex mental operations beyond those of a human mind.
Forecasting & Reconstructions
Heuristic and predictive analytics algorithms fed by a combination of preexisting knowledge and live data input enable Nine to run real-time simulations to synthesise predictions for the most likely outcomes of an imminent action and react accordingly. In the same manner she can reconstruct the series of events which lead to a certain scenario once she generated a probable model by analysing circumstantial details in isolation. The reliability and accuracy of the predictions for either methods depend entirely on the quality and quantity of the acquired data.

Special Skills

Because her curiosity has resulted in a wild mix of experiences and abilities, Nine calls dips on a multitude of scientific fields and engineering disciplines. To an extend she can be considered a knowledgeable jack of all trades, nevertheless, her dexterity has clearly its focus on computer engineering and robotics, through which she grew a repository of other skills she acquired for practical purposes. Other than software and hardware engineering, she honed a respectable amount of skill in electrical and mechanical areas of engineering. Other competences involve a decent combination of cybernetics, nano- and quantum technology.


Academics covers any sort of specialized non-applied knowledge you can only get through intensive education.[2]

  • Computer Science
  • Cryptography
  • Cybernetics
  • Nano-/Quantumtechnology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


  • Engineering (Computer)
  • Engineering (Electronics)
  • Engineering (Robotics)
  • Nanoengineering/-fabrication
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Jury Rigging


Programming is your talent at writing and modifying software code. Use Programming to write new programs, modify or patch existing software, break copy protection, find or introduce exploitable flaws, write viruses or worms, design virtual settings, and so on. Programming is also applied when using nanofabrication devices.[3]

  • AI Code/AI Engineering


So little is understood of Nine. Since Nine (being Nine) has always been a very secretive and unfathomable individual, it comes across that there is no straightforward way to either learn the circumstances under which she came to be, nor what she did in her past. At the very least, one has to piece together her ambivalent history from the few hints and scraps of information that can be gathered from various sources of which only few seem to be reliable and present. As far as the apprised story goes, Nine was the handiwork of House Elsenova. For all intents and purposes just as enigmatic as their creation, House Elsenova was an ancient linage of technologists and transhumanists dedicated to the acquisition and curation of knowledge. What type of knowledge and for what purpose is anyone's guess, however, two key groups closely associated with House Elsenova provide a vague insight into House Elsenova's obscure mechanisms and also played a important role in Nine's history: the Crow's Guild and Dollmaker's Guild. While the so-called Crows collected knowledge, the Dollmakers were the ones who put this knowledge into practical use, something that would emerge as Nine, the machine doll.


Elsenova CorvOS System

The Elsenova CorvOS System, colloquially referred to as CorvOS, is a flexible, powerful suite of modular software designed and developed by the Elsenova Foundation. It has a diverse stock of firmware, operating systems, drivers and miscellaneous software, both for generic and specialised deployments as well as an assortment of protocols to enhance system security and robustness. Facial/image recognition and encryption software are included by default.

Counter-intrusion Cyber Barrier

The Counter-intrusion Cyber Barrier, or CCB, is an AI-assisted, sophisticated form of intrusion detection system and a suite of counter measures and security protocols.

Passive Mode
By default the CCB acts like a intrusion detection system where it monitors the system or network for malicious or anomalous activity. Any incident it encounters is analysed and logged. Should it determine a threat, depending on the severity of the threat, it triggers an alarm or switches from its passive mode to either of the two active states: the defensive mode and the offensive mode.
Defensive Mode
The CCB investigates recorded/identified anomalies or threats and takes defensive measures to protect the system or network.
Offensive Mode (Low-sec)
Should it face a cyber attack or intrusion which can gravely damage or inhibit the system to the point of inoperability, in addition to defensive measures, the CCB seeks out the source of the attack and attempts to eliminate it via non-destructive means.
Offensive Mode (High-sec)
A non-standard feature designed for high security systems. Although considered an overkill for other security applications, it is commonly implemented in cyber brains as a type of secure self-defence mechanism. The CCB seeks out source of the attack and attempts to destroy it completely, possibly harming the intruder in the process. For this reason, it is sometimes called "Spawn Kill" mode.


Nine uses a customised and low-maintenance variance of a standard-issue Type-1 android body. The body is based on a female human design pattern and is outfitted with various supplemental hardware.

Central Computer

The Central Computer, or GHOST Core (on occasions nicknamed Cyberbrain), is a self-sustained encapsulated computer system with a holistic architecture where the AI resides in. It acts as a command and central processing node for sensory input and decision making. External connectors link to stationary machinery or a mobile frame like a robotic body.

It is heavily secured against a board range of physical and virtual assaults:

  • Physical Defence: the reinforced shell consists of a Ceramite coated Tritanium alloy and supplemented by multiple layers of EM deflectors to absorb or ward off EMP blasts or radiation.
  • Virtual Defence: multiple AI-assisted attack barriers act as security buffer between the central system and the external system. Additionally, intrusion detection systems can cut off external connections or entire non-vital subsystems, should an intruder attempt to gain illicit access to the GHOST core.
  • Contingency: should the shell be physically breached due to heavy damage, the integrated monitoring system immediately engages an emergency protocol that promptly initiates a transfer of the AI program to a new and empty GHOST core, if available. The process is generally destructive and leads to the annihilation of the old GHOST AI, regardless of whether or not the transfer has been successful.

The computer core has the following additional modules:

  • Ghostrider Module: A module that can host a secondary AI, or guest AI. At the discretion of the host AI, the guest AI can be granted direct access to sensory input, thoughts, communication or other components and features.


In favour of the A-GC 100, the production of the older A-GC 50 GHOST core has been long discontinued. Despite the fact that the A-GC 100 GHOST core greatly improved on aspects where its predecessor showed clear deficits, there were major concerns regarding the wireless interface. In the past, the wireless interface used to be a potential attack vector for hackers to infiltrate a GHOST core, therefore allowing an attacker to take control of the body under certain circumstance. Even though it is possible to turn the wireless interface off, hackers were able to exploit a flaw in the design which allowed them to re-enable it. As a consequence, recent iterations of the A-GC 100 GHOST core (known as A-GC 100 B) now encompass a mechanism that cuts off the wireless interface from the rest of the system in a way that makes it impossible to use it while disabled.

Energy Source

The Catalysed Baryon Decay (CBD) reactor releases energy through reactions between magnetic monopoles and baryonic matter. Magnetic monopoles are (in real-life hypothetical) elementary particles that carry a net magnetic charge. Unlike dipolar magnets (such as bar magnets), magnetic monopoles make up an isolated, singular magnetic pole: they will either be a pure north or pure south pole. Furthermore they are their own antiparticles: a north monopole annihilates a south monopole and vice versa.

At strong nuclear forces, these particles react with baryons through a process known as the Callan–Rubakov effect, resulting in the conversion of baryonic matter to energy.

The reactor operates by forcing quanta of baryonic matter (called pellets) against a conversion mesh. The mesh is constructed from a supportive matrix doped with magnetic monopoles. The conversion mesh is designed in such a way to guarantee that a baryon, or nucleon, comes in contact with a magnetic monopole. When this occurs, the nucleon (a proton or neutron) undergoes the conversion process where it releases smaller particles, namely positrons (e⁺) and pions (π⁰).

M + p → M + e⁺ + π⁰

These particles dump their energy into the surrounding matter as they decay or collide with other particles, heating it up. The output of the conversion process is used to create a high temperature plasma from which electricity can be extracted with magneto-hydrodynamic generators.

As baryonic matter is virtually conventional matter, in principle any arbitrary material will do as fuel.

Robotic Body

A modular and standardised artificial body for multi-purpose androids. It is nearly indistinguishable from a human, mimicking both appearance and behaviour while retaining its underlying machine-like nature.

Self-repair Facility
For purpose of downsizing the maintenance requirements and extend longevity, the android frame is outfitted with an Dust-based self-repair system. Provided with the required raw materials, it can perform minor to medium repairs. Furthermore, it can completely restore the synthetic skin and muscle layers in the event they are damaged. The system can do as much repairs as materials are available in its matter storage, therefore quickly reaches its limit when it deals with excessive damage.
Reinforced Skeleton
The structural core of her android body. The military-grade Tritanium alloy skeleton is a tried-and-true design with a reinforced spinal column and heavy-duty articulation joints. Initially primarily used in the construction of Type-3 combat androids, a lightweight variation of the skeleton has been later adapted to be accommodated inside a Type-1 android frame. Despite its light design, it still contributes to her mass significantly.
Sub-dermal Armour Plating
The shell under her synthetic skin coating is laid out with composite armour plating. The armour encompasses her skull, torso and sections of her limbs, providing additional protection to these areas.
It is relatively lightweight and exhibits a decent resistance to energy and ballistic weaponry.



The two states of the Omniscope: active position as shown in the left illustration, idle position on the right illustration

The Omniscope (from the Latin prefix omni, "all, every" and the Ancient Greek word skopeîn, "to look" or "see"), or "The All Seeing Eye" as it is sometimes jokingly referred to, is a custom-made, helmet-mounted optoelectronic device of para-technological origins designed to detect and analyse metaphysical elements which would be otherwise invisible to the naked eye or conventional sensing methods of modern science.

Modular Hazardous Environment Suit

Nine has a modified, green variation of the MHE suit.
Close-up illustration of helmet with life support and tile-based visor.
Optional zero-g propulsion and manoeuvring gear.

Mark VI

The Modular Hazardous Environment Suit, or MHE Suit, is a reinforced multi-purpose full-body soft suit developed by the Elsenova Foundation for all of its personnel involved in the Kyrillian Space Program. Doubling as an air-tight hazmat and space suit, it was designed for extra- and intra-vehicular activities and protects its wearer from a series of environmental hazards such as:

  • Hard vacuum/The void of space
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Particle radiation
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Electricical hazards
  • Fire hazards
  • Chemical hazards
  • Biological hazards
  • Physical hazards/Blunt- and penetrating trauma

It comes in seven colour-coded variations tailored to the requirements of a specific area of usage:

  • Command
  • Security
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Civilian
  • Classified

The suit is tailored from a tear-, puncture-, corrosion- and fire resistant weave and synthetic leather. The bare-bones configuration of the suit features an automatic hermetic seal, a basic self-contained life support system, a mag-locking mechanism (located in the boots and gloves) and a utility belt with anchoring points to attach tethers or hold tools. For extravehicular activities, the suit can be outfitted with a zero-g propulsion and manoeuvring gear.

Other features of the suit include sensor arrays equally distributed across the inner and outer sides of the suit to monitor the status of the occupant and detect irregularities in the environment, a two-way radio and a on-board computer. The helmet has a retractable visor composed of triangular opaque elements. The elements are made of a resilient material to effectively shield the occupant's head from the extremes of the outside, all while a vision technology enables the occupant to still see outside by projecting an real-time image to the inner side of the visor. The helmet also comes with a flashlight, voice-operated microphones and speakers that are coupled to the suit's radio and a heads-up-display.


  1. "Talking with Rin is like playing chess with a supercomputer who does seemingly random moves as if to mock everything you know about chess. It's like that, but with human interaction. And even if I win, it feels like losing."― Hisao Nakai (Katawa Shoujo)