Milana Tarkiel

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Milana Tarkiel
Miranda Tarkiel
Played by: User:Ks0908
Height: 1.83 meter
Race: Human
Age: 43
Place of Birth: Naboo
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Figure: Fit
Universe of Origin: Star Wars
Organization: Empire Inteligence
Occupation: Inteligence Agent on VSD Stardust
Rank / Skill Level: Captain
Category: 1
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Closed, collected, and careful. She specializes in collecting information and staying hidden,she can be both cold and warm just to archive her goal

Special Skills

  • Slicing (1A)
  • Information Gathering (1A)
  • Stealth (1A)
  • Hand Blaster proficiency (1B)
  • Explosives (1B)
  • Basic infiltration training (1C)

Special Abilities

  • Heightened resistance to interrogation


Milana was born on Naboo and went to private school. Her parents were supporting the Rebellion but she saw a better future in service to the Empire. A few short years later she finished high school and began taking Espionage classes at the Imperial Academy. She took classes in stealth operations, ready to get into rebel cells to eliminate them from the inside and gather information. A few years after finishing at the academy she faced a heartrending choice on whether to turn her parents in or let them inform a rebel cell on naboo about an incoming attack. In the end, she decided that her mission was more important and watched her family being murdered in cold blood by stormtroopers. Naboo cell was destroyed soon after and she was assigned to corvette on outer rim to monitor crew that was suspected of preparing mutiny to turn to rebels. After completing this assignment she was signed to Stardust as intelligence officer, she found few people on board that weren't happy with Empire rules and proceeded reported them. After few years of service she granted rank of full Lieutenant instead of junior grade. Week later fleet disappeared from the known galaxy, appearing in Schatten System. In fight that started there she was injured by falling debris and left medbay recently, just to receive special assignment from captain

Cover Information

Milana poses as Imperial Tactical Officer in Lieutenant rank, not connected to fleet she arrived on. After last ships of her fleet were captured she remained hidden untill she was contacted by Admiral of Imperial fleet working with Onyx. At that point however, her morale would take beating since she wasn't fully trained in infiltration but more of interrogation techniques more important on Imperial starships Inteligence officers, however her lacking training allowed her to survive amd gather Intel so far. With proper measures she could snap, but that would have to be done fast as her morale started slowly rising since imperial contact, it is also worth remembering that being not fully trained for infiltration she could get more toward side she spied on, possibly even allowing to carry her to other side. She made few friends on station that would be able to help Solas Tempus with that.