Megan Shepard

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Megan Shepard
Played by: User:Ks0908
Height: 1.9 meters
Weight: 75kg
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 42
Place of Birth: Earth
Hair Color: Blond
Figure: average
Universe of Origin: Solas tempus
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: CO of USS Pegasus (NCC-97125)
Rank / Skill Level: Lieutenant commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Megan off duty and in off record moments can be quite nice to people and help them, she is also good listener of someone need. On duty though she is able to be cold, and focused, sometimes scaring younger member of old crew. She is focused and carefull, both in space and on ground

Special Skills

negotiation is one of her skills, and though it is not as advanced to call it 'special' it is still good enough, she also don't get distracted so easily

Special Abilities

Megan is quite a good shoot with phaser and phaser rifle, after spending lot of time at shooting range.


Megan born on earth and since her childhood she was interested in starships, especially USS Enterprise and first USS Galestorm She joined Federation accademy as soon as she could and gaining rather good grades finished it. She was designed on USS-Midway as XO after former one was killed after attack by unknown entity. Service on USS Midway wasn't really out of ordinary, Constitution class refit ship was tasked mostly with relief duty tasks. Other transporting refugees or supplises. After year She was transported to USS Prometheus, one of Galaxy class starships where she saw more of actuall danger, encountering Romulans few times. During service on Prometheus she didn't really took time off duty, focusing on her job tryng to learn from first hand experience as much as possible. Time was passing and she slowly rised in rank having one more transfer, to USS Milkway. after few years from that she recived promotion to commander.

few years ago she decided to move to Solas Tempus and after leaving USS "Milkway" and it crew behind, and servi g few years on other ships, is currently on way to Schatten Star System on board Constitution class refit USS Protector to reinforce system after last attacks.

Protector Destruction

After serving many days and months, at june 30 2383 after protector destruction she recived injuries. after getting healed in sicbay she recived new commision, command over USS Pegasus (NCC-97125).


At July 26th 2383 Megan was intercepted by Galactic Empire forces that collaborated wth Onyx on her way back to Schatten Star System from Earth, her Aerowing shuttle was destroyed and remnants of wreck were recovered by Starfleet Vessel USS Endevour then delivered to Solas Tempus, flight recorder of aerowing is missing, which possibly may hint that it wasn't fully accident as it's supposed to survive ship destruction.