Markab Star System

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Telros Lozan (El-Aurian, Male)
Jola Zona (Cardassian, Female)

Markab (also known as Alpha Pegasi) is a B-type Giant that has exhausted its hydrogen fuel and expanded around 5 times the radius of the Sun in the Sol system and located roughly 121 lightyears from Earth. Eventually the star will evolve into a Red Giant over the next several thousand years. The star gives off a more intense color spectrum than Sol and has a much higher gravity due to the core being more dense, fusion fueled by heavier elements.


The star system itself contains two planetary bodies, it is possible that more existed in the past, before Markab itself expanded. The planets are separated by a dense asteroid belt, believed to have once been another planet. It is theorized that the system once contained 4 planets, a smaller body close to the stars surface, now having been burned away by the expansion of the star and another one that destroyed by gravitational shifts and tidal forces.

Markab Prime

Paul Andrews (Human, Male)

Markab Prime (also known as Trocara - Tr-OH-Kar-aH) This planet is about two thirds of the size of Earth with a similar nickel/iron core and rotates on an extreme axis giving it a more extreme different in surface conditions between seasons. The surface was first colonized by a Federation scientific outpost in the mid 22nd century.

Solas Tempus contracted with the colony to establish a base of operations in orbit. Solas Tempus provided trade, engineering, and scientific support to the colony in exchange for the orbital station and military rights in the system. On the planet surface Solas Tempus also retains a large facility and the land it resides on. This facility has living quarters, administrative offices, as well as a Lost to Time Memorial where those lost in the act of protecting the timeline have names, ranks, and an epitaph written by his or her Commanding Officer.

While Starbase Tranquility serves as the headquarters for Solas Tempus, the ground facility (known as the Trocara Facility) houses the planets Stargate, offices, some rooms, ground transportation, and transporter facilities. It is a relatively small facility though.

Founding History

  • 2189 Federation Science Outpost Epsilon Five established.
  • 2190 Planets surface explored and mapped in detail from orbit and air.
  • 2191 Federation citizens permitted to colonize near the outpost after a detailed planetary survey.
  • 2247 Economy and population growth stabilized and self sufficient.

Markab 2

Ruth Morgan (Human, Female)

Markab 2 (also known as Glacia - Glay-SHE-ah) This planet is larger than Earth, around 25% larger. It is an arctic planet with high winds, ice storms, and permanent glaciers. Surface temperatures seldom rise above -13 degrees celsius. The planet axis is shifted but by less than a degree, giving it rather consistent seasons with little shift in weather.

The planet is difficult to inhabit, although a colony of Andorians is present on the planet and on good terms with the inhabitants of Markab Prime, trading the plentiful water, deuterium, and tritium with Markab Prime in exchange for difficult to grow fruits and vegetables along with some raw ore materials that are also in scarce supply on the world.

Solas Tempus contracts with the Andorian Colony for use of orbital space for the Ronin Shipyards facility. In exchange for maintaining the Andorian trade fleet, the Andorians provide their space and fuel for Solas Tempus ships and facilities.

Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt is rich in complex minerals ranging from Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Magnesium to more precious metals such as Titanium, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Some of the asteroids are large enough to hold very thin atmospheres. Rogue asteroids are rare and the systems Ort Cloud is very sparse, in theory when the gravity of the star increased most of the Ort cloud was drawn inward, this could help to explain why a planet might have broken up to form the asteroid belt.

The system is considered to be rather remote and also rather unremarkable for resources when compared to other systems. As a trading outpost, Solas Tempus provides its docking facilities and shipyards for passing ships, mostly in trade. Established treaties also pass gained resources to the other powers in the system.

The asteroid belt is not under any one command. The Markabian Mining Confederation manages mining operations and claims between Solas Tempus, Trocara, and Glacia. None of the powers are permitted to lay direct claims and claims must go through and be approved by the consortium. So far other than minor violations, none of the three sides has violated the treaty in any way. Some of this is likely due to the open trade policy between the powers.