Lisa Thomson

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Lisa Thomson
Lisa Alison Thomson
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Angel
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 lbs
Race: Human
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Fire Red
Figure: Slender, muscular, well toned /w pale skin.
Organization: Souls Templar
Occupation: Knight
Rank / Skill Level: Grand Mistress
Category: 3
Status: Approved
Setting: Embers of Soteria
In Armor

She is strong willed and incredibly arrogant, to the point of narcissistic tendencies. To her, she is always right and the sooner everyone else gets that, the happier everyone else will be. She's honest, to the point of brutality at times. Perhaps her main redeeming quality is her loyalty and the lengths she will go for allies, but especially friends and those few who have made it to family. She loves them and her order. She will serve both to her dying breath, not matter the collateral damage it may cause.


Lisa was orphaned at a very young age, both her parents dyeing from a plague that swept through the keep in a particularly bad winter. In fact, in Glinan's Hold at least half of the adults died that winter. There was not only a food shortage but also a plague that swept through hold during the coldest of the winter months. The knights were the first to give their food to the women and children, often striking out of the keep to hunt in an attempt to bring back enough food for everyone along with other things like fire wood. Many died as the winter grew worse and worse at the high elevations of the hold.

Left without parents, Lisa grew up being a ward of the keep like so many other children. A few years after that horrible winter, the Knight of the Souls Templar stopped into the hold to rest there. Seeing so many orphaned children, the Knights struck an agreement to take in as apprentices the orphans. Though it was not customary, one of the Knights in particular grew fond of the young Lisa who seemed to have an affinity for his horse. Knowing that his horse was prone to disliking others and he often had to care for the animal himself rather than let grooms do so, he took her in as his stable girl. The young girl had a lust for knowledge and would soak up whatever the Knight would say to her - he was a Knight through and through without any knowledge of how to raise a young girl. Deciding that he instead would raise her the only way he knew how - to be an aspiring knight of the order.

When she was just beginning to really grow up, he taught her the sword and shield, she took to both quickly learning them faster than any of other apprentice he had ever seen. She had a fever for the high ground and for being on the right side of things, though this worried her Knight he could do little to discourage her attitude. It did not help that her skill with the sword was only paralleled by her skill with magic, quickly earning her a reputation as a person one should not cross. In her early career as an aspiring Knight she was known to have a deep fire of a temper that burned slow and long when lit. She was only granted her knighthood once she was able to control her temper and find different ways to work through her rage than just lashing out and attacking those who angered her.

In the following years she quickly rose through the ranks, mostly through trials of combat where she would challenge someone of a higher position and win their spot through defeating them. Most of these were not battles to the death, only a singular one was, and that was to take over as the head of the order as Grand Mistress, taking over for the former Grand Master of the order. During her years as the head of the order, she has surrounded herself by people who temper her strong arrogance to be diplomatic where she cannot. As a force to lead she is unparalleled, her one weakness is her need to be right.


  • Weapons Proficiencies
    • Melee Weapons
    • Martial Weapons
    • Thrown Knives and Axes
    • Bows / Crossbows
  • Hand to Hand Combat
    • Wrestling
    • Boxing
    • Fencing
  • Alchemy
  • Advanced Magic
  • Meta Magic
  • Magical Theory
  • Cryptography
  • Endurance Training
    • Climbing
    • Running
    • Swimming
  • Horseback Riding
  • Mounted Combat
  • Jousting

Special Abilities

Lisa can innately make use of magical energy, she has studied the ways of magic and manipulating the elements for most of her life along with her training in the sword. She is skilled in the use of magic during combat and as an enhancement to her skills with weapons, particularly the sword.

Summon Spectral Steed


Lisa does not ride a standard horse, though she can. Instead she summons from the Aether the form of a spectral steed, this advanced magic took years of practice to master and is a variation upon other summoning spells. She owes her ability to summon the steed due to her strong affinity with horses, the steed she summons has become hers and carries its own personality rather than just being a generic summoned mount.

The mount has a strong affinity with fire and is partially the form of a fire elemental.

Special Inventory