Legio Daemoniorum

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The creatures, simply called the Daemoni for short, are from somewhere in the realm between planes. They exist naturally in a state of nothingness, the space between realms devoid of all natural sources of energy and light. As such they crave it but cannot die without it. They exist but do not exist at the same time and when the veil between realms gets thin they may notice and tear through the barriers between planes seek out energy to feed from.

They run on hatred and anger, all living and nonliving things that exist in any sort of light or power (even other demonic entities not from their unique realm) are an affront to them. They ally with no one but themselves. They are constantly hungry for more, more energy, more light, more power, more light. When they come they come in force, as many as can come through to a particular place at once.


They feed on all forms of energy, but they enjoy violence, rage, fear, and hate most. Any time they can induce someone to attack them first it is a pleasure to them and they rarely commit themselves to an attack unless they are required to. They feed easiest on the magical or psionic energy from living things. However, they also feed on life itself, the raw Aether that keeps mortals and other beings alive. They also feed on physical strength and stamina, but only if they can come in physical contact and they will not do so unless they must, usually as a way to provoke someone into using their magical or psionic abilities to defend themselves.

Failing drawing off of those forms of energy it will draw of the energy of another demon just as easily, the intense hatred of a demon from the Severed Realm is food to them, though it doesn't taste as sweet to them as killing a mortal. However, they cannot feed off of Shadow Energy, which is the inverse of life. This anti-life energy found in a place like the Shadow Realm, is distasteful and hurtful to them. Thus they cannot consume it.


They attack in groups, preferring to encircle their prey and use their abilities to force a confrontation then feed off of the attacks of their prey until finally they suck the life-force right out of their victim and move on. They can be patient, if forced to, but would prefer a quick-fix and feed rather than to sit and wait.


  • Induce Emotions
    • Fear
    • Paranoia
    • Panic
  • Drain Energy
They can drain any form of energy from a distance, except shadow energy or certain forms of blood magic energy that follow the same lines.
  • Sap Strength
They can drain strength and stamina from a victim simply by touching them.
  • Insubstantial
They only take on a physical form if they are required to, otherwise they have no substance and physical attacks do not injure them.
If an attack occurs when they have physical form it will injure them.
  • Worst Nightmare
If they absorb enough energy they are able to take the form of what their victim fears the most, making that person see them as the embodiment of that fear.