Jedidah Shafir

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Jedidah Shafir
Jedidah 'Jed' Shafir
Played by: Spartan889
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 140 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Abnormal Human
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 2nd January 2189
Place of Birth: Harmony
Eye Color: Bronze-Gold
Hair Color: Dark Greyish-Purple
Figure: Shoulder length slightly messy hair, slim body, wolf ears and tail.
Universe of Origin: B-3234
Organization: United Earth Federation
Occupation: Special Forces
Rank / Skill Level: Captain / Veteran
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra
ASR 91 Power Armor
Old Marine Armor

Jedidah is known to her squadmates as a strong willed person, a natural leader at best. From young, she has shown to her childhood friends as a caring person, always checking up on them, talking to them, looking out for them etc. As such, she views her close childhood friends as sisters to her.

When she was eleven, she has shown obvious interests into the military, specifically Special Forces seeing them as Heros unlike others like Superman. Her interests overtime rubbing on each of her childhood friends as they soon start showing the same interests.

Overtime, she starts striving to be the best, taking her new responsibilities seriously.

As a Military Captain, she takes her job seriously, leaving no room for any sorts of laziness or irresponsibility in the squad. Despite in such a high position, she from times throws in an occasional joke, pun or flirts with her teammates. Though when she flirts with her teammates, it is unknown does she have any romantic feelings for them.

Though if there’s one thing she truly hates in her position, its paperwork. Saying that they are blight to her existence. Though, another is the Insurgent Terrorists that has been plaguing UEF Space for awhile as she sees them nothing as a threat to the innocents caught by their baseless propaganda.

She is known to be merciless and ruthless in combat plus the fact she doesn’t plays fair with her enemies, and a feared sniper at that due to her fixation with sniper rifles. Though she holds herself responsible for anything that happens to her squadmates and any civilians that gets caught in the crossfire.

But recently Jedidah has been showing mild cases of PTSD after her squad of four including herself were betrayed in their recent Operation in storming a Safehouse.

Special Skills

Physical and Mental Skills

  • Stamina - 2A
  • Dexterity - 1B
  • Strength - 2A
  • Agility - 2A
  • Sight - 2A
  • Hearing - 2A
  • Smell - 2A
  • Speed - 2A
  • Endurance -1A
  • Self Control - 1B
  • Will - 1A
  • Instinct - 1A

Combat and Work Skills

  • Marksman - 1A
  • Weapons Handling - 1B
  • Piloting - 1B
  • Driving - 1B
  • Hand to hand combat - 1A
  • Melee Combat - 1A
  • CQC - 1B
  • Medical - 1C
  • Navigation - 1B
  • Explosive Demo - 1C
  • Hacking - 1C
  • Observation - 1A
  • Language - 1B
  • Knowledge - 1A
  • Tactical Planning - 1A


VSS Vintorez-33

Jedidah's VSS Vintorez-33

A modernized version of the original VSS Vintorez that was onced used by the Spetsnaz back in the 20th and 21st Century. The gun internals have been redesigned with a more advanced and lighter material which has improved its functioning mechanism. The outer shell of the rifle is made of a advanced light polymer material making the overall gun smooth to operate and light to handle and carry.

Much like its predecessor, it has an integrated suppressor barrel, a powerful 8x scope with an integrated night and thermal vision. It utilizes the new 9x54mm High velocity APSH(Armor Piercing Semi-Explosive) round which has approximately penetrate through 10 to 25cm worth of power armor grade alloy and are stored in a 20 round or 30 round box magazine.

The effective range of the VSS is about 900 to 1200 meters and the rate of fire is approximately 900 rounds per minute.

The Vintorez has been proven to be a durable and reliable weapon in any environment it was used in and along the features became a popular weapon among the UEF Special Forces for stealth missions.

CMRA4 (Compact Modular Rifle)

Jedidah's CMRA4 Bullpup

This is a compact bullpup rifle measuring about 45.5 centimeters in length. Using a gas system with rotating breech mechanism. But it features an integrated suppressor and made of an advanced light and durable polymer material.

The CMR uses 5.9x30mm AP ammunition with a 20 round or 30 round Magazine having about 5-6 cm penetration, the effective range being 650m to 575m and RPM is 950 rounds per minute.

It serves as a great compact bullpup weapon for sniper as secondary when they are unable to use their sniper.

M22 Plasma Beam Magnum

A energy-type pistol that has a rather similar design to the 21st Century Desert Eagle. Using a battery that is inserted like a normal pistol mag. The Magnum has about 12 charges before the need to change the battery.

The beam fired is at the temperature of a thousand degrees making it armor piercing while dealing devastating burn damage to unarmored targets.

A advance cooling mechanism is built into the pistol mechanism, to avoid the magnum from overheating or at worse case exploding which can be harmful to the user.

It has a red-dot sight attached to the top picatinny rail.

FN-03 “Fire Nut” Incendiary Grenades

A small cylinder appearance painted red with a single vertical white stripe. The FN Grenade uses a specially made flammable chemical gel that works properly in the vacuum of space and devastating to both unarmoured and armored targets due to the intense amount of heat it gives off.

Wrist Mounted Energy Blade

Mounted into her ASR right gauntlet armor is a Energy Beam saber. Much like the Energy Beam Sabers, the blade is made of pure plasma energy which makes the energy blade.

The blade is super heated making it able to cut through almost any kind of materials. Plus few are produce and only given to high ranking officers or Special Operations Groups.

Though it has a limited battery life of four hours and Power Armors usually have a built-in rechargeable rack for the weapon to be stored and recharged overtime.

Standard Combat Knife

UEF Military Standard Combat Knife

A standard Combat Knife issued to all members of the United Earth Federation Military. With a standard 7-inch serrated blade made of Titanium-C Grade Alloy, making it light, durable and insanely sharp for use.

It has proven itself on the field for multiple applications such as rope cutting, mine clearing, knife combats etc.


  • Medkit
  • 3x 24hr MRE
  • Survival Kit

ASR-91 “Advance Stealth Reconnaissance” Power Armor

Built by ARMA Heavy Industries, the ASR-91 Power Armor serves as a Special Force advance reconnacciense power armor for deep reconnacciense deep behind enemy lines. The armor has went into service in the UEF for 35 years with numerous improvements to the armor over the years.

As a reconnacciense Power Armor, it features a multitude of sensors in the Armor’s helmet through a special made retractable visor containing five sensors eyes to help show, record and detect other details such as geographical locations, weather conditions and more. As such it was use by either Special Forces or Military groups with specific roles.

Though due to the armor’s role for reconnaissance, it is less armored than regular power armor as it favours mobility and speed. Resulting in a sleek and lightweight design but offers adequate amount of protection small arms fire, energy weapons and small explosions by using Ceramite Alloy with a Beam resistant coating to disperse the energy and heat of a laser weapon impact. A advance helmet filtration system to help filter poisonous gas from harming the wearer and allowing Eva for up to approximately 2 hours.

Another feature is the smart HUD known as the SCIS or Smart Combat Intelligence System. It is the current and advance HUD software used in the UEF Military, supplying the user hud all relating data on the battlefield, constantly updating tactical, objectives, time, geography, identifying IFFs and more.

It also enhances the user speed, strength and mobility through its built in micro thrusters in the shoulder pads and greaves along with the detachable backpack built jetpack.


Born in the Colony planet of Harmony, Jedidah lived in a small but friendly community on the Colony, a comfortable childhood with her odd group of childhood friends each with differing but unique personalities. But they were inseparable in the end always hanging out together with each other.

Over the passing 13 years, Jedidah started to develop an interest in the UEF Military after watching documentaries, parades and airshows, following the footsteps of her grandfather she decided to join the UEF Military Cadet Academy.

Her interest soon started to spread to her childhood friends, making them have similar interest like her. Though they had to convince their parents about their decision and promised them to look out for each other in the Academy.

Weeks after their enrollment into Harmony’s many Cadet Academy, life was tough due to the strictness and strict timetable they had to follow but nonetheless weathered through those obstacles together.

Through during their third year, news of a insurgent faction started to pop up in the outer regions demanding independence and a shift in the UEF government, plus terror attacks in civilian populations worried the group of eight friends.

Another two years passed as they graduated from the Cadet Academy, a terror attack led by the Insurrectionist bombing a nearby population centre close to their academy. Their class was deployed together with medivacs to help the injured while the Guards stationed at the Academy were deployed to eliminate the present insurgent terrorist.

After the area was cleared of the terrorists, their class rolled in with the medics to assist the injured, the sight to the group burn into their minds seeing the carnage left before them. It was a clear image of what they will be dealing with in the future of their military career.

Months later the group of friends finally sign on to the UEF military Service. As recruits they went through six months worth of BMT(Basic Military Training) under Scorpion Company of the camp. With the six months of hellish training, their Company was sent on a mission to another Colony called New to help assist a Garrison there due to the rising insurgency situation.

Their stay was very tense after numerous mission in dealing with the local insurgent terrorist as they were locked in deep guerilla warfare were IEDs and ambushes from terrorist disguised as civilians, one of their major missions was assaulting a city that was under insurgent control together with several Marine Battalions, armored divisions and 5 Klaus-Class Carriers supplying them constant air support. Despite all that, the siege to the captured city has proven difficult as the insurgent force was well entrenched in the city filling the sky with AA fire from old and retired military vehicles and hardware.

Jedidah and her squad had numerous close calls from nearby IEDs, ambushes and a occasional retired old MBT used by the insurgents. Though during the siege, Jedidah’s squad had to save numerous civilians trapped in the city who were used as hostages or worse. Escorting them back to an evac zone for any captured or trapped civilians.

The siege lasted a week for the UEF military. Tired both physically and mentally from the siege, Jedidah and her squad along with their company was sent back to Harmony for a 3 months shore leave to rest.

After those 3 months, she and her friends were sent on similar missions and to their surprised, were transferred for UEF Special Force Training similar to the old earth SAS but a mix of Navy Seals and Spetsnaz . As such, they went through the hellish mental and physical draining time of their life. But they manage to pull through it all together.

Graduating with honors as part of the 3rd Airborne Special Operations Force. They serve numerous operations and missions in espionage, counter-terrorism, hostage rescue, assassination of high ranking insurgent commanders and governors who supported the Insurrectionist, orbital drop shock strikes at Insurrectionist outpost and more.

For several years, Jedidah and her lifelong friends serve the UEF military dishing out precise strikes against the Insurgents during the Civil war. But one Operation was by the far the most disastrous one involving a single fireteam consisting Jedidah, Eugen, Qing Shang and Tina.

It was a simple crackdown, a smash & grab Op and retrieve UEF Military sensitive data. Receiving orders from a UEF General name Adam Chernov who has monitored and giving the squad intel of a high ranking Insurgent named Gaito, a japanese insurgent who was responsible for the death of 3,000,000 deaths of both military and civilians with a stolen Nuclear bomb.

The mission was simple, deployed in a small colony world where a isolated safe house where supposedly Gaito was located and to be eliminated. Originally, Jedidah’s team was to be deployed at Raxus IV but UEF HIGHCOMM had to split the Spec Ops team to three fireteams. Each with different missions under the command of different high rankings.

During the mission the Jedidah’s fireteam codenamed ‘Metal’ was dropped via IOADP(Individual Orbital-Atmospheric Drop Pod). Deployed with no detection at midnight, the fireteam set out for their mission.Her Marine armor in New Kan.

It was dawn as the team reach the safe house seeing it heavily guarded. It didn’t take long to pick off the perimeter guards one by one. Followed by a ballistic breaching ensuing a violent close quarters combat situation. Though they manage secure the entire house while finding rooms filled with Military grade weapons, explosives, UEF Military crates and hardware as well as notes and plans for invading other UEF Colonies.

The team wasted no time in capturing the evidence by taking pictures and downloading all relevant data and the captured data through a External Hard drive. The fireteam was warned of a large opposition force on their way to the safe house and reinforcement was 17 minutes out.

Meta fireteam was locked in a intense firefight with insurgents from all sides, using the safe house equipment for defense and the hard drive downloading the data. The firefight lasted for a good 15 minutes but the team was slowly getting overwhelmed, fortunately the download was complete allowing them to get away to the evac.

Despite that, the insurgents continued their attack, raining mortar fire on them, they close to the evac by a few meters until one of the mortars exploded in front of Eugen who was carrying the objective injuring her legs in the process but her power armor protecting her from outright killing her but was knocked out by the blast.

Seeing his Jedidah took it upon herself and started dragging her with her sidearm drawn out firing while Tina and Qing Shang covered her. Eugen managed to quickly recover to draw her sidearm to assist the others.

In the time, reinforcements arrived with VTOL gunships hovering in front the team firing upon the insurgents while the operatives escape safely to the troop transport.

Though Jedidah noted the strange soldiers dressed in different uniforms ands exo suits accompanying General Adam.Plus they were armed with laser weaponry. Picking Eugen up,she carried her over to the higher rank who went in to assist her and Eugen.

The General ask Jedidah whether or not they have the retrieved data. Jedidah confirmed that they did and immediately the General seemed to pull out a ballistic pistol and shot Eugen abdomen through the weaken state of her power armor making Jedidah let go in surprise seeing her drop on the ground bleeding out.

Not expecting the shot and sudden betrayal, Jedidah tried to respond to the attack but was shot by a nearby soldier wielding laser weaponry through her shoulder and General Adam finishing her off with two shots. One to the chest and another to the armored helmet cracking the visor but held against the shot as she collapsed on the ground slowly bleeding out and dying. Helplessly watching the traitor plucking the hard drive device from Eugen’s dying body.

Tina and Qing Shange tried to fight back but were stabbed from the back with a Beam Saber through their abdomen and the burning pain proven too much, making them go limp.

All Jedidah could remember and see with current state of mind was Adam’s man throwing her and her dying teammates into a small dug out pit, soaking them with a flammable liquid and lastly the traitorous general litting their bodies until a splice portal open beneath her fireteam, taking them through a dark and endless void, and spitting them out in the command center of the space station; Starbase Tranquility. Last thing she could remember was surprised shouts and orders barked out before darkness took over her.