INV New Hope (GSD-72519)

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New Hope
INV New Hope (GSD-72519)
Class: Gladiator Class Star Destroyer
Affiliation: Solas Tempus
Commanding Officer: Captain Typhos Valera
Executive Officer: Commander Brandon Jenson
XIA: Hope Anouk
Quote: "For those we cherish, we die in glory." - Lamenters Battle Cry

She appeared in a splice in the Schatten Star System, it was thought to be empty but when Captain Michaels boarded the vessel he found that the crew seemed to splice into the vessel at the same time, just delayed. This was the largest splice of people ever recorded in the Schatten Star System. Since Mr. Michaels had a full crew and had previously commanded the vessel, Solas Tempus granted him permission to do so again under the flag of Solas Tempus while the vessel and her crew are stuck in this reality.

Security / Ground Forces

The vessel is assigned 960 personnel from the Schatten Star System.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Hope Companies from the 7th Schatten Regiment (STS Personnel)
  • 4th and 5th Hope Companies from the 4th Taurus Regiment (TACCOM Personnel)

Fighter Squadron Designation

There are 3 Squadrons aboard the New Hope.

  • Red 2 (Specialized Interceptor Squadron)
    • 2 Interceptor Flights (Red 2-1, Red 2-2)
    • 2 Specialized Flights (Red 2-3, Red 2-4)
These specialized flights contain 1 Flyer Class Shuttle and 8 Gunstar Class Fighters each.
  • Omega 7 (Assault Squadron)
  • Theta 5 (Assault Squadron)