Heather Quinn

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Heather Quinn
Heather Quinn
Played by: User:Cyclops
Race: AI
Age: 17 Years since Activation
Date of Creation: April 3rd, 2364
Place of Creation: Sefalla Prime
Organization: Solas Tempus
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Damien Smith
Executive Officer of STV Lofn (TOV-S94)
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Heather chose her holographic template herself though it was somewhat guided by the directives set in her development. If asked, she likes to talk about how it comes from the 20th century and that it was someone specific, but as to who... That remains a mystery. She predominantly lives aboard the STV Lofn (TOV-S94), the vessel of her employer and friend Damien Smith. Though thanks to his alliance with Solas Tempus, though the alliance is largely kept secret, she is able to move freely between many computer networks connected to BlueNet.


Heather specializes in starship operations and scientific study, and has an affinity for alternative style preferring to choose the road less traveled if given the choice. Heather also enjoys the thrill of dangerous situations, sometimes more dangerous than Damien prefers to be in.


She is outspoken and rather flirtatious with anyone who she communicates with far more than a few words. She rarely conforms to expectations of her, whether it be clothing or ways of acting. For Heather to alter her behavior to make things easier on someone, it means that person means something to her. Her non-conformity to her, is her way of making herself unique and stand out as a person. Being a hologram has give her some serious exposure to prejudice in her life. To her, this only spurred her on to be more unique and stand out more and her own woman.

She has been known to occasionally make an appearance using the skateboard as a mode of transportation, rolling down corridors. Usually, however, she simply appears where she wants to be and leaves in much the same way. She appears most often in some variant of tank top or t-shirt and jeans or other casual clothes with wild colors which would seem to indicate a fascination with the late 20th century.