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Played by: The Chubby Gamer
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 82 lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Undead
Age: 44
Date of Birth: August 30th, 1163
Place of Birth: Nieznane Kingdom
Eye Color: Has no eyes
Hair Color: White-Gray
Figure: Withered, pale, weak/fragile-looking
Universe of Origin: OC
Occupation: Chemist
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Flask as a person has gone through some changes ever since he has first come to Blazing Umbra. At first, he was about as close to a typical mad scientist as someone can get. He thought very highly of himself and was more proud in his actions than one should be. He even said that he doesn't care if anyone thought of him as a scumbag, as he simply lived off of his beliefs in himself. Though the more he stayed at Blazing Umbra, the more he realized that the person he was wasn't who he truly was. That's because he lived in the wild for a year before he spliced in, and during that time he had been unstoppable in the wild. He took out every animal that stood in his way, on top of the food chain if you will. He had developed the personality he had when he first spliced in because he had every reason to have that kind of personality. He was unstoppable, and uncatchable by the people searching for him at the time. After about half a month or so in Blazing Umbra, the first time he had been around any people in a while, his personality quickly changed. Over being exposed he had realized who he really was in the grand scheme of things, and in the universe as a whole. A worm, nothing more than a spec amongst the many stars and gods that watch over all of creation. He stays happy knowing that fact, and he keeps it as a memento in the back of his mind. Though the only way to stabilize his happiness is if he drops down to someone else's authority and submits to that person. Only if he has a master to serve under eternally, can he truly keep happy and push forward in his immortal life. If not, then he just feels like nobody. He gets nervous around everyone he sees and tries to avoid conversations all together. This is how Flask is now, only able to act human if he treats himself as less than human, as nothing but property and an eternal servant to whoever he chooses as his master. Though some traits of him will never change, such as his tendency to laugh chaotically during fights and act overall as a mad scientist in his spare time, that part of him is only kept alive by his servitude towards an eternal master. Only when they give the word, or by enough time and reason, can Flask be released from the grip of his master's loyalty and find a new one to serve. It's a never-ending run for Flask to try and find the perfect person to be a slave to

Withing the 2-year Time Skip

Flask hasn't had much going for him within the two-year time skip. The only major change that happened to him was right before it happened. Right before it happened, he and his master, had a Thanksgiving dinner together. It was the first Thanksgiving dinner they had together, and they both loved very much so. Then, Emily had gotten a message on her communicator to meet in the docking bays to meet on the newly made Drakon ship. She had signed up to be the XO of the ship along side captain Drem Confoscho. Since the two were together when she got the notification, she invited Flask along as a guest for the introduction of the star-ship. Though as they were touring through it, they were met by Fleet Admiral Lance Thomas, who wanted to welcome the crew to their new workplace. And then he noticed Flask. He walked up to him and questioned what he was doing. Flask said he was invited by Emily as a visitor of the ship's entry to ST. But then Lance began to intimidate Flask. He asked if Flask had intended on joining the crew, and he said so in a voice that was clearly upset and angry about something. Flask froze for a bit, unsure of what to say due to Lance's tone of voice. But within him freezing, he realized something. He had realized that joining the crew of the Drakon was the perfect opportunity, a he would have plenty of upsides to do so. Firstly, three of his friends, Vin, Drem, and his master Emily were crew of the ship. He saw that as the perfect opportunity to join the crew to get to know them better. Secondly, he could slowly build a better relationship with Lance as a friend, as right in that moment, he could tell that Lance wasn't very happy with him for whatever reason. And finally, it could give him something to do on the station, something more than stockpile up potions and be bored all day. And for those three reasons, he suddenly declared that he would be joining the crew of the Drakon. From that day forward, he contracted with Solus Tempus, and had become a part of the medical team on the Drakon ship, led by Drem Confoscho. Though about a year later into this, he was promoted to a guard position on the ship, though his medical team title was kept as well. And within the remaining year, he had stayed the same, getting to know everyone better. And as for Lance, it had turned out that there was a rumor going on that Drem was cheating on him with Flask, as which explained his anger towards him at first. But, it was resolved between the three, and Lance was on good terms with Flask ever since. At least, as far as he could remember before Lance had been away on duty for a whole year

Special Skills

Four out of five of Flask's main senses are heightened to a superhuman level. However, these sense came at a price, and because Flask, while unwillingly, paid this price was he able to have his senses heightened. On Flask's home planet, within 2 years of him being an undead, Flask was working on an experiment for a potential new potion to use, with test subjects and everything. However, while he was testing what the potion could possibly be made of, a combination of chemicals caused a lab explosion, causing Flask's eyesight to be lost that day forever. However, within the next two years, Flask was able to heighten his senses to the point of superhuman levels. From then on, he's used those said senses to be able to fight and tell what was in the area around him.

Hearing: His hearing has heightened to where he can hear even the faintest of sounds from up to half a mile away, and sounds that a normal person would be able to hear, such as another person talking, can be heard from even farther away for Flask. Though unlike what this would normally indicate, Flask's ears aren't more sensitive to pain from loud sounds. His sensitivity when it comes to hearing is that of a normal person's, and his ears can only be hurt with his heightened hearing if he focuses his hearing on something far away.

Sight: No longer has any. Lost in a lab experiment.

Touch: In a flat open area, Flask can perfectly feel the vibrations of anything moving within a 30 feet radius, and from there, it slowly fades away from being perfect to being less and less sensible. This is his weakest sense by far, and is only relied on in a close-quarters fight. Though it is how Flask is able to tell where still objects are. He can also use this to feel how someone's internals are functioning, able to tell if a person is cold, warm, burning on the inside, and so forth (though he hasn't trained himself to tell anything about the person from the feel of their internals, i.e. someone's current emotion). Though this can only work if he is touching someone's bare skin, and can't tell from touching them through clothing or armor.

Smell: His nose can smell any scent 20x better than a normal person's, leaving him with about 40,000,000 odor-sensitive cells, compared to a normal person's 2,000,000 average odor-sensitive cell count. This however would leave him more sensitive to nose pain when inhaling toxic fumes, such as harmful gases.

Taste: Flask's tongue is so sensitive, his taste buds are able to taste dirt and dust specs within the air. The dust specs he's able to taste are smaller than he average human eye can see without any enhancements. This allows him to, quite literally, taste the air around him.

Flask also has a couple of boons given to him when he was revived as an undead:

  • Immortality (but can still die of fatal wounds. This only means he's unable to die of old age
  • Optional use of the lungs and digestive system. This makes him immune to starvation, thirst, and suffocation of any kind. Though he can still eat and drink, hence them being "optional". Though Flask still needs to breath and inhale to talk and such, but he can live without it
  • A better vocal system, allowing Flask to make his voice as loud as heavy machinery in a work shop (though he needs a full inhalation to make it last any more than half a second). This doesn't hurt his own hearing in any way
  • For Flask specifically, he was given every bit of knowledge about chemistry and how the chemicals around him act. This was when he was first revived as an undead. He essentially has perfect knowledge about how everything reacts around him. But while he DOES have perfect knowledge about how the world reacts around him, he is limited by, as of him living on his own in the wild for a year, not knowing EVERY single combination of atoms and molecules known to exist. He used to have his knowledge, but ever since his master's death he's been forced to relearn those combinations through studying
  • Immunity to alcohol poisoning and can't get drunk, no matter how much he drinks

Other miscellaneous skills that Flask has learned through his life as an undead include:

  • Morse Code Fluency: Ever since the two-year timeskip, Flask has discovered the language of Morse Code and soon knew just how convinient his life would be if he had learned the skill. So, he did, and used it often to where he became just as proficient in Morse Code as he is in English. He even had his communicator custom-made to where there’s an extra feature of a needle pointed to his arm, and whenever messages are sent to him, the needle would poke his arm, telling him the message in Morse Code. And thanks to Flask’s increase sense of touch, he is able to read the message as clear as if someone were speaking to him face-to-face


Flask's potions are of his own creation. Created back on his home planet while he was in the war with the Emerald Militia, they are his main weapon of choice in any fight. As of Flask first splicing in, Flask had only three potions he could use at his disposal. However, within the next two months of him being at Blazing Umbra, he has developed and created 2 more potions he can use to fight people with. However, within the two year time skip, Flask has not been at any work to make any new potions. This is because he feels as if he has done enough work on his potions and has no use for any more potions in the future, and believes he has enough already to aid him in combat.

While Flask's potions all have their similarities, Flask was able to make the potions to where they all have 5 similarities, no matter which potion is being drank:

  • All of his potions activate the same way. Once drunk, the potion will rush through the digestive system to get into the body safely. This quick activation may harm the digestive system as they move through it and into the body's systems, though it's unlikely. It moves at a way a good digestive system won't be harmed, at least permanently harmed, nor will it be harmed to where the drinker can even feel it
  • All of his potions last 1 hour. They will last the full hour and will not have their effects weaken as time passes to the last second mark. Its power is evenly split between the entirety of the hour, except for the last few seconds, to which the effect quickly fades out and the drinker goes back to normal
    • However, one hour may be too long for someone, and whoever is under the effects of the potion might want to cancel out the effects after whatever fight ends. Flask had made it so whoever was under the effects of his potions can simply think in their minds that they want the potion's effects to go away, and it will. The potion's effects will cancel out, though they cannot be regained unless whoever canceled out the potion drinks another potion
  • No two different potion types can be used at the same time. If someone were to drink 2 different potions for combined effects, what they will instead get is a slow and painful death. The combined potion effects will cause the insides of the drinker to decay and melt away, eventually leading to an implosion of the drinker's insides and death will follow immediately after
  • Certain potions the drinker can use can have its effects amplified by drinking up to 2 more of the same potion, causing the already amplified body to be amplified as its previous state before the extra potions to be drunk as its base level (i.e. If a potion is drunk, the increased body functions by the potion will act as the base level for the next potion to amplify)
    • What's more, the time of the potion being underway will reset back to one hour, allowing the potion's now amplified effects to last just as long as the base potion's effects that lasted. The only restriction on this, however, is if the potion's effects of the first potion drunk is beginning to wane or is near its fading state (essentially if the effect is almost gone from the body. There needs to be at least a sensible amount of the potion still active throughout the whole body in order for the second stacking of the amplification to take place, and for the time of the potion to reset
  • Flask made one similarity between all of his potions: They all have one liquid that looks about as dense as water, while another liquid that is much thicker than the other flows around in it, slowly going up and down within the vial. To anyone, this looks very similar to a lava lamp with the thick liquid constantly molding its shape and breaking apart as it flows around. The only exception to this similarity is that it doesn't have the glow of a lava lamp, as it's just a liquid and has no light beneath it eminting the said glow

Strength Potion

This potion's effects are pretty straightforward. The potion enhances the drinker's physical strength and force with each attack they do. To set an example of this potion's amplifications, say a normal, everyday person drinks one strength potion. By just drinking one of these potions, they will be able to regularly punch through a 0.5 inch sheet of steel and fully penetrate it. What's more, the potion causes the drinker's muscles to tense up and increase their defense against physical attacks. However, Flask didn't improve on this variable too much when making this potion, as he only wanted to use it to enhance physical strength. He would only see this increase in defense as icing on the cake. As such, this increase in defense is only minor, and would only be able to fully resist up to a normal person's full-force punch (not including any enhancements to their physical strength). Any extra strength potions drunk will amplify the drinker's strength from the potion's effects by twice as much.

Speed Potion

This potion also has a straightforward effect on the drinker's body. It increases the drinker's energy within the body to the point where, during the potion's effects being underway, the drinker naturally is able to move, and do athletic moves faster and more accurately than when the potion's effects weren't underway in them. To be more specific, the potion's effects are able to force adrenaline to be made throughout your body at rates which are not normal for a regular human. However, the potion's molecular makeup has the ability to neutralize the adrenaline's negative effects on the body. The adrenaline is still giving off the intense increase in the body's functions is still active, but the negative effects it will have to the body for having so much adrenaline being made will be neutralized by the potion, leaving only the increase in bodily functions. As for its measurements on increases in the body's functions, it is able to amplify the drinker's ability to accelerate, their top speed, and their reaction time by approximately 1.50x what they were capable of before drinking the potion. Furthermore,the potion is able to add on top of the original amplification on the body. When measured, a second potion added to a first one will increase the amplification to approximately 2x what the drinker was capable of before drinking the potions at all. Finally, a third potion drunk will increase the amplification to 2.15x what the drinker was capable of before they drank the potions. The potion spreads throughout the body, just like the strength potion does, through the digestive system and quickly spreads through the body's various systems by forcing its way through the villi in the small intestine. However, while this sounds like it will harm the digestive system with how it is able to force its way through the system, the drinker will neither feel any pain nor will their system be harmed in most ways. Any pain that is caused on the system will only be little, and it will essentially be unnoticable since the body will be able to heal itself in time before any long term damage is taken place.

As a side note on the Speed and Strength potion, once drunk an aura will appear around the drinker's body's outline. This aura will take the appearance of a red mist (for the Strength potion) and blue mist (for the Speed Potion) emanating off of the user's body. It will take the movement of a normal fire, though it would look slower, almost in slow-motion in comparison to a fire. Though, it will take the texture look of a simple red fog or mist,barely see-through. Though while it may be a mist emanating from the user's body's outline, it is always constantly emanating across the entire body of the drinker. However, it won't matter which angle you look at his body, it will always only emanates the outline of the body from which someone looks at him. While the science behind it is too complicated for this, essentially the light being reflected off the naked eye will make the parts of the body where the dust comes off of where it would cover the drinker's body from view. This is because the density on the drinker's body from which they are seen is less dense and less visible than when it goes farther out of the body and spreads the aura. Also any of the mist's outline that would cover up the drinker's body goes through some science that is very complicated to be invisible compared to the outline at the angle at which a separate person would see the drinker's body. This is through some manipulation of how the eye of any being reflects light to project imagery, and so this effect takes place when looking at the drinker's body when under effect of either of these potions

Poison Potion

The poison potion that Flask can use is where it starts to differentiate from the other two so far and go into a new type of potion. With this potion, instead of travelling throughout the body and acting as an enhancement to everything within the body as a whole, this potion is condensed within the drinker's hands, and only takes effect specifically in the drinker's palms and front side of their fingers. And because of this effect, the drinker now is able to inject a deadly poison into everyone and everything the drinker touches, living or otherwise. With the poison being injected into something, it will begin to work its way through the object or organism's matter makeup. It will rearrange all molecules and chemicals within the object/organism to that of the poison's. Essentially, it will melt whatever the drinker touches and transform it into the poison's molecular structure. This process is also sped up depending on how long the drinker holds onto the objec/organism. The longer they hold, the more poison will be implemented and thus the faster the poison spreads. However, this effect wares away once the poison fully turns its infected object/organism into itself. What's more, only the original poison injected into the object/organism can actually affect the other atoms of wherever it was injected. The atoms and molecules turned into the poison can't spread the poison further, it doesn't have the same energy build that the original poison has. There is a cure for this potion, and can be used by just injecting the antidote into any and all infected areas. However, there will need to be just as much antidote for the potion as there is poison. Also, any matter turned into the poison is irreversible, at least by the only known cure so far. Any and all damage done is kept and is permanent.

Flame Potion

This potion is considered the most deadly by Flask, and so he makes sure he only uses it in the right situation. The potion goes to the user's front side of their hands, and turns it extremely hot. If measures, its heats are not too similar but on the same level of heat as a lightsaber, but instead of the heat from plasma, it is just pure and extreme heat. As such of the similar heat to that of a lightsaber, it can melt anything it touches. Though this process will take longer than the use of a weapon, as the heat is not as hot as that of a lightsaber or similar weapon, due to those high of heats will most likely damage the drinker's insides to the point of the potion hurting the drinker more than the target of the potion's effects. However, unlike those types of weapons, it cannot clash with anything of similar heat and not take damage, since superheated weapons such as a lightsaber are purely made of the plasma heat that act as the blade. Furthermore, the Flame Potion merely makes the still vulnerable flesh of the drinker superheated to where the heats of such weapons as mentioned prior are similar to the heat of the potion's effects on the drinker's palms. The flesh on which the potion takes its effect are still as vulnerable as it was before the potion was drunk. Furthermore, this potion doesn't make the drinker immune or any more resistant to heat, fire, ect. than they were before they drank the potion. However, this can most likely be the case in future iterations of this potion, as Flask can tell there is potential for such improvements, though he has to be careful with the process if he ever gets to it. As such, these improvements may take a while to create. Finally, the potion has all of its heat condensed into the drinker's palms, and as such it is only meant for melting things it touches. It can;t be used for anything else other heat is used for, such as cooking or sealing wounds to treat them. Flask specifically made this potion to make sure it was as deadly as it can get, and while all of his potions are deadly in their own right,...

Disintegration Potion

Before its finalization, Flask had made a previous, and less powerful, potion knows as the ‘Rust’ Potion. This potion was one that acted much like the Flame and Poison Potion, where it directs itself to the drinker’s hands and has the palms have an effect on its surrounding environment. However, this potion had the unique effect of causing anything the user touches to have a ‘rust’ effect on the affected target. However, the process of said rusting was similar to that of real life, , that it takes a long time to destroy and completely rust away the target, only its process was amplified slightly. This potion was considered too slow for Flask to use, as the rusting process essentially was constantly chipping away at a material, as if it was slowly peeling away at the material in ‘layers’. As a result of this, Flask had to experiment with the potion’s molecular makeup and see just what elements to add to it to make the potion usable in a combat scenario, as that is the entire point of Flask’s potions. After several days of experimenting, Flask came across the conclusion that the potion could best improve by a single element: Sulfur. Adding the correct amount of sulfur, Flask was able to make the potion even better than what he had anticipated of the improvement. What Flask had made was something more, more dealy, more efficient, and as icing on the cake, it was able to give off the feeling Flask always wanted of his potions. It created the Disintegration Potion.

The Disintegration Potion was just like the Rust Potion, only it had the extension of its effects to turn the target of the drinker to absolute ash. As the drinker grabs its target, the affected target will begin to wither away like a dying plant, and will turn to an ash black as it shrivels up. The longer the drinker holds onto its target, the more the effect will spread throughout the object being held. This can affect both living and non-living targets. Once an area of the target is fully affected by the potion’s effects, even the slightest touch will cause the entire structure of what was once an object to break away into dust and ash, and by that point the effects cannot be reversed. What’s more, even after the target is let go by the drinker, the effect will still last, and will act as a waning effect of a spread. The rate at which it spreads varies on how long the drinker held onto its target (the longer the drinker held onto the target, the longer the waning spread will last), and how much of the hand’s front side has touched the target, but overall, any amount of effectiveness on the target will cause the waning spread to stay present. The waning spread effect will do as the term suggests, the potion’s effects will still spread across the area’s target, but it will fade away without the source of the potion’s effects to give it more energy to continue spreading. However, this is technically not the case, as the potion’s effects will spread forever and be absolute no matter what. That said, it will also wane with its effects eternally. The potion’s effects will forever turn the target that has been touched into ash and cannot be stopped by any physical means, but the spreading will wane to a point to where it is completely unnoticeable, even by the strongest of eyesights or the most sensitive radars, and can technically be considered waned to the point to where the effect is no longer in affect.

Explosion Potion

As Flask’s first instant-effect potion, it is the most single destructive potion Flask can ever create and use as a potion for his body. Though, where his Flame potion is the most dangerous of Flask’s potions to use, where it causes the most contact-involves damage to a target, the Explosion Potion is Flask’s currently, and will forever will be, his most chaotic-esc potion when it comes to pure destruction. The potion is called an instant-effect potion because what it does doesn’t go throughout his body, but instead it takes an effect instantaneously and ends just as fast. Because of this, the Explosion Potion can be used with any other of Flask’s potions simultaneously without having the fatal side effect two active potions would normally have

The Explosion Potion is, as mentioned before‍, instantaneous with both its effect starting up and its ending. That’s because it is a pure explosion of great proportions. The first time this potion was shown in effect was when a giant wyvern suddenly appeared out of a splice in the workshops of Nimbus Station. Immediately it charged at Flask and breathed fire towards him. Flask was badly damaged right from the start and as the fight raged on, Flask only got more and more blood lost from his body and more damage sustained in the process. Eventually, Flask was where he got thrown to a wall by the wyvern and about to lose and die. But right when the wyvern was going to crush Flask under its foot, Flask revealed what his new potion was. When the explosion went off, the wyvern was blown to bits and died instantly. Later, Flask had learned that the explosion was near a megaton. But Flask used two that time, so in total, each explosion potion equals roughly 45% of a megaton explosion, condensed down to the small vial that Flask put it in before spreading out in a massive, destructive blast

This massive weapon of destruction doesn’t come free as ammunition for a gun does. Flask made the potion to where he had it in his hands, specifically in the center of his palms, where he activates it by destroying it in said hands. Flask blows up his hand entirely when using one of these potions, as well as some of his lower forearm whenever he uses this. And while Flask does have a bag full of preserved hands for this situation where he can regenerate his hands back to normal due to his healing factor, he can’t exactly do such when in a combat situation. Plus, he won’t have his bag of hands at the ready to regenerate himself all the time, so then there is also the side effect of a chance at fatal blood loss. Finally, there’s the factor of property damage that Flask won’t be able to afford if he goes and uses it irresponsibly. Flask will only use this potion as a last resort, when he is near death and it is his only option left. At that point, it is the ultimate surprise tool to end a battle

As a side note, with the potion being in Flask’s palms, there is a high chance that any any day activity that involves his hands can cause the potion to go off unwillingly. As such, Flask has made this potion’s vial more durable than any other potion of his. The glass is the same thickness, but the density is vastly different. With the Explosion Potion’s glass density, along with some cushions Flask has installed in them for better life protection, Flask has to instantaneously press on the potion with all of his finger’s strength in order to crack it


Alister is Flask’s pet wyvern, in the simplest terms. It was rather forced to be his pet more than anything, through pure chance as well. But despite the situation of how this relationship of pet and owner came into fruition, Flask has decided to take care of Alister, feed him, clean him, and overall tame him and train him to be a peaceful wyvern by adulthood. Despite Flask not ever having any pets before or even basic knowledge on how to take care of a pet that doesn’t also apply to humans. Though this does result in Flask and Alister in very weird-esc situations, such as the time Alister was given a chain of sausages to eat off of Flask’s hand which spiraled to his wrist. The name of ‘Alister’ came from Flask’s Master, Emily Damien, in reference to the occultist Alister Crowley. Flask asked his Master for this because he himself could never tell if whatever name he gave Alister would be good or not, as he couldn’t even think of a name to begin with

The story of Alister and how be became Flask’s pet is one where Flask essentially carries his sins with him at all times. Here is a link to the full scene where Alister is first introduced.


Though there are a couple of things to note to have the story make full sense to a blind reader of the context before. First, Flask was in the Sickbay because of an adult wyvern attack that happened in the workshops prior to this event, leaving Flask brutally injured and having to recover. Second, Flask had his hands lost because he used his new Explosion Potion to finish off the wyvern as a last resort, causing his arms to be lost.


Flask was born into the Neiznane Kingdom. As he grew up he was very fascinated by chemistry and decided to become a scholar in that field. He soon graduated with a masters degree at the highest rated university in the kingdom and was invited to become a court chemist at the Kingdom’s capital with the King himself. At the age of 31 he became the lead chemist at the capital. Life was going great for him. He had a wife and 3 kids with one of the highest paying salaries in the capital. However, 6 months after he became lead chemist, the kingdom was under attack by a mysterious man who went by the name Zawa Rudo. He went to the capital and went on a rampage, massacring the entire capital except for the king, who was barely able to escape. Zawa ended up raising everyone he slaughtered as undead, soon forming an army within only 1 day. However, Zawa heard about Flask, so he went to him as the 3rd person he killed, along with his records of him ever existing. When Flask was revived his mind was twisted by Zawa and had Flask join him as his second right-hand-man and giving him a new name, Flask. After 1 week, Zawa had killed and resurrected 60% of the Neiznane’s kingdom’s population, forming what he called the Shadow Militia in the process. Most of the people that Zawa resurrected became mindless slaves for him to fight and build his own kingdom. However, Flask was one of the 30% who were resurrected still with a normal human brain, who were called free-wills amongst the new Death Kingdom. When Flask was resurrected Zawa decided to make him a general within the army. Flask dedicated himself to the Shadow Militia and fought in the war against his old kingdom and the Emerald Militia. However when Zawa died 10 years later from reasons unrelated to Flask’s story, he ran away from the war’s biggest battle as within that same day the whole Shadow Militia fell and so the Emerald Militia won the war. However, only Flask and one other Shadow Militia soldier (who are currently separated) remain as people who Zawa killed and Ressurected. They’ve been off the radar of Neiznane for a whole year now, and Flask is surviving in the wild at the age of 42

TL;DR: Flask was the lead chemist in the Neiznane Kingdom's capital until he was killed and resurrected as a soldier for a newly formed army, the Shadow Militia, led by a man named Zawa Rudo, who was secretly a puppet for the God of Death. Flask fought in the war for the 10 years until Zawa died along with nearly all of the Shadow Militia due to the God of Death. Only Flask and one other Shadow Militian soldier (who were seperated) remain as they survived out in the wild for a year so far

Clearing things Up (Not required to know Flask):

Zawa: Zawa used to be a normal person named David Smith, who was an archeologist, but soon was corrupted by the God of Death. On one expedition, he and his team ended up excavating a glowing purple crystal. As soon as David touched it, he had the God of death whisper to him, corrupting his mind in the process, the crystal then took the form of a sword that David used to kill his whole excavation team. He had become an entirely new man who went by the name Zawa Rudo. He was given a mission by the God of Death to form an army and become strong enough to be able to form a ritual to summon the god of death to their world, since the God of Death was from a different dimension entirely. Zawa set out on that mission, slaughtering 60% of Neiznane’s population, forming and army known as the Shadow Militia and a kingdom known as the Death Kingdom. Zawa set war on Neiznane with an army of 20,357,892. However, during the final battle of the war, it was revealed that Zawa was lied to the whole time. It turns out that while Zawa believed that the God of Death would be summoned via a ritual as a separate entity, the God of Death would take destroy Zawa’s soul and take control of his body. The reason the God of Death didn’t do it from the beginning was because he needed to give Zawa’s body enough power so the body could withstand the God’s spirit. So Zawa’s spirit was destroyed and the God of Death took his place. However, even that wasn’t enough to destroy the Emerald Militia, as one of the squadron leaders, Maleki, defeated him with both of them dying at the end of the fight. The emerald Militia had won with them not knowing about 2 Shadow Militian soldiers escaped the deaths of every other Shadow Militian.