Erica Larsson

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Erica Larsson
Erica sketch .jpg
Erica Larsson
Played by: Chanree
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 176 lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Star Child
(see background)
Age: 22
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Red Brown
Figure: Typical
Universe of Origin: Original
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Rank / Skill Level: Experienced Swordmaster
Trainee Caster
Status: Approved
Setting: Angelic Sins

She is a very kind person, very social and have charisma which she never notice during she learn to know people. But she can be shy on few topics since she never been very 'girly' unlike most people she hangs out with. She isnt afraid to get dirty when it come to sticky jobs but she do have some fears. One of them are sharks and the other is thunder.

Special Skills

Weaker Form, Golden Sheep (turn herself to a small sheep, automatic turns to sheep if she is low on energy, both magical and strength.
Strong Form, Aries, turn herself to her real form what she used to look like, Aries. A woman with golden long hair, red eye pupils, horns top of her head, golden armor with gauntlets, light knee boots, some clothing to hide some mail chain and under her heavy chest piece with a big turtle neck and opening so she can take it off.
She only turn this IF she get pretty much pissed or feel threat.
Lion's Wrath 
A sword skill which makes Erica/Aries push more of her powers, mostly strength to her arms to lift her sword and take it back. Then swing a heavy blow to aim and hurt even more once it gets hit. Sometimes it can go through.
Sheep Spin! 
A good sword skill for the sheep form! Yes she can use the sword but hold the handle in her mouth. Yet she cannot carry the sword unlike her normal/strong form. Just drag it. But she found a trick to swing the sword around as long she spins around to protect herself and aim for enemy's feets/legs.
Fire elemental 
Heat caster only

Special Abilities

Track Down 
The sheep/Erica/Aries has a rather good nose to catch some scent and follow. She have to wait 30 seconds or more if it's hard to track down special creatures.


Star children are a race that hide from any threats and do not allow anyone enter their ground. These people are elemental people who is born with one element but some can be born without. Either learn a element or they become nothing. The star children treat their race as a big whole family, they do know how to defend themselves since they had already have problems with a smaller group of star children that joined and became friend with negatives. Negatives is the race who live along with star children, they were made by another alien race but they failed and got removed by 3 negatives. One of them are Yato, has the title as Yato no Kami. Negatives aren't magical like star children, more brutals and dangerous. They have some star child blood in them.

But how come Erica change to Aries?

Aries was living before, this happened over 50 years ago when she were in her 20's and died in battlefield. They tried to defend against the negative's 3rd attack at the capital city in Galaxia that was named Galaxia city. Aries went out alone and attacked few of them, but never saw the sneak attack from Yato himself. He dived his whole hand and arm through her armor and body. No one know how he could do it, but the nice hint he found out a new power he could use.

Star children had a forbidden law, most star children could give up their life force and their soul to revive someone back to life. One to one worked, but for Aries it was different. They were 10 that gave their souls to but still couldn't give her life back. Gaius, a well known star child and even known as Capricorn cast magic and locked inside the souls and hers in a small special bottle. He found out quickly it wouldn't work but cast another spell that could make her return back but had different form. The mother of all Star children did agree on this and allow Gaius to cast the spell.

28 Years Later

Aries was born! …..but as a human? On earth? ….strange, huh? The humans named her Erica. But she wasnt human, no, she was a star child but born along humans.

During her years as 'human' never been so good. At age 18 she began to feel she was not like everyone else. Which cause her to find out about the star children! Even met em! Which lead Erica going to Galaxia and aid them against Yato. She got to find out more about herself, learn further on her skills and even later on change to her strong form, Aries. Find out about her brother Pisces, met new friends and even get to know much more about her. At age 20 she became a bounty hunter to hunt down strange creature and people. Earning money and even going for tournaments, including looking for a new sword master and magic users. She isn't that good with her magic but her sword skills are different.