Emily Damion

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Emily biomancer.jpg
Emily Damion
Played by: Darktrooper501
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 180lbs
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 11-02-1997
Place of Birth: America
Eye Color: red
Hair Color: black
Figure: Skinny with grey skin and red lips
Universe of Origin: Unknown Armies
Occupation: Cashier / Conspiracy Investigator
Approved By: Red The Heretic
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

She has an extremely paranoid personality and does not easily trust others to the extent of using false names when she is asked for her name. She is a masochist who regularly engages in self harm. She has an innate fear of large crowds.

Special Skills

She is very skilled in combat using knives. Has training with all firearms available to TempOps. Has training to pilot fighters and normal aircraft. Has training for Temporal flight. Has training to repair all aircraft.

Special Abilities

(Her ability applies to herself or anyone she touches with her hands)

Biomancer minor: faceshift (within limits), minor body warping, regeneration, fuse orifices, increase athletic abilities for a day, allow one day without sleep with no ill effects. These abilities are only available to her if she self mutilates to a small degree for example a minor burn or a 1 inch or longer cut.

Biomancer major: complete bodyshift, Major body warping, fuse appendages, gender shift, flow and reform in response to damage, extremely durability for a day (kevlar level durability). These abilities are only available to her if she severely mutilates herself like disfigurement, large gashes and wounds or she amputates an extremity.


Born in Tehachapi, California to an alcoholic father and an extremely temperamental mother she did not grow up mentally adjusted. Her parents were very poor and fought constantly with each other over the pettyest things. She learned to not talk nor show emotion in front of people. She never socialized with anyone. Her loneliness led to her developing a habit of self harm. She had a very acute sense of perception which led to her learning of the many conspiracies at work within her world. She kept pursuing clues she found until she was confronted by cultists that were part of one conspiracy. She was kidnapped and chained up in an abandoned warehouse. She only managed to escape when she discovered her biomancer powers. She made her arms come off her body then regenerated them. Afterwards she developed an extreme paranoia and began using pseudonyms. She eventually joined a cabal named the Esoteric Underground. She investigated several minor conspiracies during her time there. When she spliced in she was investigating a religious cult tied to UFO sighting in the town of Chickenbone.

She joined Vident Obscura and Solas Tempus Action Arm becoming a Temporal Operative sometime after the destruction of the Blazing Umbra station. She also became the Executive officer of the ship SS Drakon.