Department of Protection and Investigation

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Formed by the Serenity Concord Senate authorization under the Civic Protection and Preservation Act in August of 2381, the DPI was formed to be the primary investigative authority of the Serenity Concord. It's stated mission is to investigate and prosecute criminal acts in the civilian sector within Concord controlled territories. The department falls under the executive branch and is administered by the Director of Protection and Investigation who must then be confirmed by both the Prime Minister and the Senate and is selected by the Director of Justice.


The DPI has the authority to investigate any and all criminal or civil matters within the Concord and in allied territories provided they have executive authorization from the Director of Diplomatic Services. They cannot, however, override military matters which fall under the purview of Solas Tempus Security without specific approval by Solas Tempus or the Director of Justice either must specifically approve and grant jurisdiction to the DPI. To fall under STS the acts being investigated must directly involve a member of Solas Tempus or link directly to an investigation or matter already being handled by STS.