Aytise Alshat

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Aytise Alshat
Played by: User:NigrantibusAlis
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 70 kg
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 32
Place of Birth: Dee'ja Peak, Naboo
Hair Color: Black Hair
Figure: lean, slightly muscular from long hours of training and engineer work
Universe of Origin: Star Wars
Organization: Empire
Occupation: Engineer, Pilot, Jedi in training, Mechanicus
Rank / Skill Level: 4 years of Jedi training, Tie Scout Pilot for 12 years, Engineer for 12 years, a member of the Mechanicum for another 4 long years
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Highly enthusiastic, but can be a major asshole/sarcastic bastard. Highly anti-serious until thrust into a position of responsibility or tasked with a difficult objective.

Special Skills

  • Jedi
    • Knight level force skills,
    • a mediocre force user
  • Other Skills
    • Accomplished Mechanic and Engineer
    • Experienced Pilot
    • Cook

Special Abilities

Being a major dick to those he dislikes or when he is just in a foul mood


  • Utility Mechadentrite.

This two-metre-long mechanical limb houses a variety of tools and attachments designed to assist a Tech-priest in the course of his holy duties. The limb also houses six injector pistons, each filled with one dose of Ligature Oil; these must be supplied and replaced separately. In addition to this, the artificial limb contains an electrically-powered censer, which can gust incense fumes over particularly troublesome faults. Also included is a knife blade found at the end of one point.

  • Custom Engineer Armour Mark 1
  • Custom Lightsaber provided to him by Admiral Lance.


Aytise was born upon the planet Naboo, upon reaching the age of 15 he was forced into the Empire's service, his family captured and held captive in order to force his compliance. After 1 year of training in the Imperial Academy Aytise was assigned as a Tie Scout Pilot but had also received extensive training in Engineering that continued even after he was released from the academy. After about 2 years in the service he was promoted to a squadron leader. He continued to serve for 10 more years before a fateful encounter with some Rogue elements that were fighting the Empire. (ask for further info) There he discovered his connection to the force and received training from multiple Force users. This lasted for 4 years of his life until the group separated after the tragic death of one whom Aytise considered a brother. (Cyro) After returning to Naboo Aytise had less than a week of quiet before falling through a portal into a land of war and death. He emerged on the planet mars, in the territory of the Mechanicum of Mars and quickly joined their ranks. ANOTHER 4 YEARS PASSED as he lived with the Mechanicus. He was on assignment to go to Terra when he fell through another one of those damn splices and has now found himself on the Solas Tempus station.

It has been a sizable length of time since Aytise fell through the splice but it has been filled with adventure and danger. He is now currently the rank of Captain with the starship "The Cabur" under his command and has also been considered for Temporal Training to become an operative.