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Played by: Darktrooper501
Height: 6'9" out of armor 7'8" in armor
Weight: 236lbs
Gender: Male
Race: Augmented Human (Spartan II)
Age: 31
Place of Birth: Tantalus,Epsilon Eridani system
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: light brown
Figure: Muscular, Augment scars
Universe of Origin: Halo
Occupation: Spartan
Rank / Skill Level: Private First Class
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Quiet and reserved it's hard to get even a sentence out of him. Very dependable though, ready to fight at a moment's notice. Usually carries trinkets, mostly children's toys, tied to his hmg.

Special Skills

  • CQC
  • Firearms training
  • Vehicle training
  • Heavy equipment training
  • Spartan training
  • Mjolnir power armor training

Special Abilities

  • Enhanced strength, reflexes, dexterity, speed and senses.
  • Titanium grafted to bones
  • Muscle growth and regeneration sped up

Arms and Armor

  • Mjolnir V armor
  • MA5B, primary armament
  • Smoke grenades and frags, 4 each.
  • Hornet charges


Asmodius was always a quiet person even as a child. When he was inducted into the spartan program he quickly got used to the harsh life they had. Asmodius was always willing to follow orders given to him. Despite his very limited verbal interaction with the other kids in the program they would quickly learn to read his body language and as the training continued he found himself part of a family again. After surviving the augmentation process and getting his armor he became more open to talk but only to the other spartans. To everyone else he was still the same. At the fall of reach Asmodius was helping to evacuate civilians when a sizable Covenant force attacked. He was gravely injured but he managed to defeat the covenant forces by himself. After that he tried to take a little girl to safety despite his injuries. Unknown to him is that she had suffered a shrapnel wound that caused much bleeding, since he was bleeding too he assumed the blood on her was from him. She would die before he splices to Soteria but not before the two had a conversation. After betting reacquainted with Mike and Leo, Leo ended up making an AI for Asmodius to use in his Mjolnir armor called Athena.

Mjolnir V
Athena AI hologram