Amber Cross

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Amber Cross
Amber Cross
Played by: User:Cyclops
Alias: Fia
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Race: Human
Age: 27
Date of Birth: March 7th, 2357
Place of Birth: Mars
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Light Blond
Figure: Sensual
Organization: Vident Obscura
Occupation: Obscura Agent
Temporal Operative
CO of the Ghost Reaver
XO of STV Minotaur
Rank / Skill Level: Commander
Status: Approved
Setting: Blazing Umbra

Originally an operative for Solas Tempus she was recruited by the off-shoot organization of Vident Obscura to help investigate paranormal or otherwise unknown phenomena which lack conventional explanation.


Amber is rather hot headed and impulsive. She gets her kicks from trying to fool powerful people. The more powerful, the better. Though she has some sense of self preservation and usually chooses someone that while it would be challenging to fool but she has a chance with. She's curious to a fault and a little beyond. When she finds an unknown button she doesn't just press it - but she wants to. So much so that she'll try to find out what it does and if stuck in a situation with a button (or switch, rope, etc..) that no one knows what does, she'll quickly start to think that whatever IT is, will do the trick. None of this is helped by the fact that she lives on the edge, isn't really happy unless she's in free fall without a parachute with her hair on fire.

As if that wasn't enough she's got a heart of fire and a bad temper to go with it, because of all of this, she gets herself into trouble on a regular basis. Though being trained and such in Solas Tempus has given her more self control than she used to have it hasn't stemmed her temptations and gut reactions entirely. She's excellent at reading people and tends to engender trust in others - her intuition is excellent! In the end, two other attributes make her particularly hard to get rid of - she's double jointed and has a knack for getting out ropes or other bindings and can stay on her feet longer than most men twice her size. That and her beauty have provided her with some kind of shield against real danger for most of her life.


  • Weapon Proficiencies
    • Handheld Beam Weapons (Pistol / Rifle)
  • Non-Verbal Communication
    • Body Language
    • Gestures
  • Computer Hacking
  • Diving (Water)
  • Performance Skills
    • Erotic Dance
    • Fast Talking
    • Slight of Hand
  • Pick Pocketing
  • Hand to Hand Combat Skills
    • Judo
    • Karate
  • Piloting
    • Small Aircraft
    • Small Space Craft
    • Medium Space Craft
  • Navigation (Space)

Items / Gear

Aquamarine Pendant


Amber's impulsive nature has been a problem since she was a young girl, she frequently got herself into serious trouble with people who should not be messed with even before she was a teenager. For many years her indulgent parents and age protected her from the greater fallout of such actions, always having a knack for being where some powerful figure didn't want her to be, hearing what she shouldn't hear, and talking about it whens he shouldn't. As a young woman, she found herself mixing with a rather rough crowd of mal-contents and trouble makers, most of the trouble she got into was well suited for some homeless girl on a rough world but she grew up with a nice home, enough to eat, good education, and a good life. Most of her friends of that time in her life saw no reason she should ever be hanging out with them, since she had her own people. Little did anyone know this good life she had was filled with problems, her family was highly dysfunctional carrying on many old-world Earth traditions dealing with a complete lack of emotional support or security. She hung out with the rough crowd because she always knew where she stood - and part of it was probably because she wanted someone to care enough to stop her.

She learned a lot about people during that time, reading people, even stealing things from them. She became quite adept at sleight of hand skills and other performance-based skills. Moving from such things into how to defend herself, if her skill at talking failed she learned martial arts. Amber's tendency to get into trouble finally landed her in some serious hot water, she had a few choices on how to get out of it, ending up joining Solas Tempus as a way to placate not only her parents but a judge or two. As an officer, she learned to control her impulses better and hone her existing skills to put them to better work for herself and her goals.

Family Problems

Her entire family has a history of being extremely dysfunctional. Though Amber herself is not immune she did recognize (as did her siblings) that the family was toxic at times. This realization came at an early age for Amber, having been largely protected from the outside world when she finally had more freedom she got into a lot of trouble. She was known for her excesses and using her family's resources to get her group of friends into places where they would otherwise be not allowed. This continuously caused serious problems, at the height of her adolescence a rift formed between her and siblings. During one exertion to a nearby moon she was heavily intoxicated and sharing such with her friends and her younger sister. Her siblings had just shared another encounter with their aunt who would be the apex of what was sweet and kind in public but agonizingly brutal with her words in private. The image was everything and the siblings had embraced their aunt.

Laying low with their sister, they were at a party with Amber and her friends at some abandoned processing familicity on an asteroid in the Sol system. The local authorities burst in and she was separated from them. Amber's inexperience with such situations combined with the siblings being enthralled with the scape of the drugs Amber's friends had brought... Amber was pulled away by her friends and the siblings left there to be arrested and formally charged. Their father came in and dealt with things, using his position within the Federation government to resolve the situation quietly. The siblings have not spoken since the incident occured. Amber's guilt comes from the fact that she didn't even remember to think of them until the next morning.

Amber has not been back home since, this incident inspired her even deeper into the subculture she becoming embedded into. Shortly after she began throwing all caution to the wind, doing whatever she wanted. She would party, seduce people, steal from them, even blackmail for the resources to fuel her and her friends acts of rebellion.

Fracturing of the Group

About a year after the incident which split Amber from her family she was lost in another run in with the law. Having stolen a number of artifacts from a museum after seducing one of the middle-managers. While she had been the one with the idea to the heist, when they were captured she disavowed the group shunning them. The records of most of the group were far longer than hers and she painted a pretty picture, even further pulling onto the middle-manager whom she'd seduced to speak on her behalf getting her only probation as a co-conspirator. She again used her family name, something which did not get blocked but received no support from the family. The group fractured then, on a fault line of those who saw why Amber did what she did and those who felt betrayed by it. None of them have spoken since.

Joining of Solas Tempus

This incident in and of itself lead her directly to realizing what a problem she had and who she had become. It was then that she decided to join Solas Tempus. She wanted to get as far away from her life as it had been as possible but she knew the Federation would have questions for her. She had done these things in their own backyard. Rumor had it that Solas Tempus would take anyone so long as you were willing to change. She felt trapped, with nowhere to go, and needed a change. Change she did.

Career Setback

Early in her career as a Temporal Operative she had made the rank of Lieutenant and was sent back on an observation mission to New York, NY in the United States in the year 2003. Tasked with staying close to and observing the social circle of a minor local celebrity connected with several young movie stars of the time. During a bachelorette party she allowed herself to become overly intoxicated and failed to obtain her objective, becoming involved in a sexual encounter with varied partners through the course of the night. She had participated in the taking of numerous illicit substances including "Candy Flipping" mixing LSD and MDMA and lost track of her objective. During the incident her actual target was present and she failed to identify them. This incident caused her superiors to have to send a 2nd operative team based out of the USS Genesis to reacquire the target while a 3rd 2-person team was also dispatched to deal with the potential for temporal contamination.

The only thing that saved her place in the organization was that during the incident she did not reveal any contaminating information and in fact remained properly under-cover while at the height of the drug induced hallucinations. Her official record is noted that her ability to do so was extraordinary and indicative of what could become a great Operative although her judgement was so suspect that it was suggested she be placed on leave immediately. She was escorted on the Genesis back to the present and placed on administrative leave. Following a formal inquiry she was demoted to Ensign and forced to work her way back from the start on various low-value operations. She has not been back to the past as a lone Operative since, though officially she could be sent back if needed. Her file suggests she would work best with a team, her psychological profile also suggests that she may be most effective as a team lead as testing shows she makes more thoughtful decisions when the fate of others is at stake rather than her own.