Here we offer a number of services for our writers to use.  First and foremost are the forum and Discord servers for the bulk of the writing and role playing.  In addition to those we also have a reference site (wiki) for all game related information.  This includes everything from setting information (such as character bios, cosmology, equipment / technology information, etc.) to some helpful role playing and other out of character information about the game.  The wiki is essentially our core players handbook for all of our major settings.

E-Mail and Web Space

Players can also, optionally, sign up to the server’s email and web space system.  We do not allow installation of custom software such as a private wiki or forum but it can be nice to store simple web documents, images, and other such things that don’t fall under the general categories for our forum or wiki sites.  This is done through our accounts page and requires it’s own username and password.  Ask one of our staff members if anyone has any questions about it via Discord or the forum.