Primary Servers

These are the primary servers that make up the Molten Aether setting as a whole. Our partner servers expand this setting even further.

Molten Aether

This was our first server and is the central hub for all of our role play servers.

Blazing Umbra & Stellar Horizon

Blazing Umbra is the home of our Science Fiction / Star Trek / Amalgam role play setting. It takes place in the late 24th century and centers around the activities of a group known as Solas Tempus which protects the timeline from being altered. The setting accepts most applicants even if they are not native to that universe, more information can be found on our Wiki. Most of the game play focuses on an ocean city called Nimbus Station on a world called Soteria, many lightyears from Earth.

The Stellar Horizon setting focuses on the Stellar Horizon Project of Solas Tempus, which sent the starship STV Stellar Horizon out to explore not only space but alternate realities.

Angelic Sins

The Angelic Sins setting focuses on the modern day, taking place roughly at the same time as we are in right now. The world is one where Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, Sorcerers, Demons, and all manner of creatures are real and largely unknown to the general populace. More information can be found on our Wiki. Most of the game play focus on Chicago or Los Angeles.

Embers of Soteria

In Embers of Soteria the setting is medieval taking inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons or other d20 games, using the d20 SRD as a rough starting point and general template for the world. While this setting takes place on the same planet that is the focal point of role play in Blazing Umbra, it is 1 billion years prior to the events of Blazing Umbra, hence why the world is called Elder Soteria. The setting tells the story of how the long-held Peace of Ages is beginning to deteriorate and the world is on the edge of a major change, though that change is in its infancy. More information can be found on our Wiki. Most of the game play focuses on a town called Whiterage (WHIT-er-age) in one of the northern forests of the world.